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Baby BeeHinds Night Nappy
Baby BeeHinds Night Nappy
Baby BeeHinds Night Nappy
Baby BeeHinds Night Nappy

Baby BeeHinds Night Nappy

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Nappy Overview

Baby BeeHinds is the best specialist night time nappies you will find It's designed especially for heavy duty wetters.   Being a specialist night time nappy it's NOT a slim nappy, this is a bulky nappy but as it's for night time this shouldn't be an issue. You may find you need to go up a wrap size if your baby is getting to the top of the weight range for their current wrap,  remember a wrap that is getting a bit snug is MORE likely to leak than one that is a bit loose.  We recommend the Motherease Airflow or a Disana wool wrap over the top as both these wraps are roomy enough to allow for the nappy and are also proven excellent night time covers.



The nappy is available in three sizes
Medium 4-8kg
Large 8-13kg
XL 13kg+

How do I use it?

The Baby BeeHinds Night nappy is side fastening rather than the traditional poppers at the front, this can take a little getting used to but after a couple of fittings you'll know exactly where you want to secure the nappy.  The side fastening also allows for greater flexibility on fit as you can fasten the waist and thigh sizes independently. Giving you the perfect fit for those babies who might have chubbier legs but a small waist or vice versa.

I love the way the boosters work in the nappy. The booster insert attaches at the back of the nappy by poppers so it can be removed to speed up drying. In theory you could take the booster out to make the nappy slimmer but that would complete defeat the purpose of the nappy as the booster gives you all the wonderful super absorbency. The booster comes in 3 parts/sections which are all permanently attached together, you can fold and place the boosters wherever your baby needs the most absorbency. If you have a front sleeper and the front of the nappy is where your baby needs the absorbency the booster can be folded so that almost all of the booster is at the front. Same if you have a back wetter you'd move it back instead.

Nappy Fabric

Fitted Absorbency: Outer 80% Organic Cotton, 20% Polyester, Inner Stay Dry Microfleece
Inserts: Snap-In Inserts, 3 layers Bamboo/Organic Cotton Fleece with microfleece top layer

The booster has a fleece topped layer which you can position next to babies skin to keep them feeling dry at night. However if you have a child you're trying to encourage to night time train then you can fold the fleece liner back on itself revealing bamboo fabric so the child will be kept wet. Perfect, well throughout and designed!



Baby BeeHinds
Drying Speed
Very Slow
Incredibly High
Change Speed
Ease of Use
Requires a Wrap?
Day or Night
Baby BeeHinds
Care & Warranty

Baby Beehinds Care Guide - Nappies


  • Baby Beehinds WOOL follow the care instructions on this link as wool is cared for differently to nappies
  • Prewash nappies twice before first use
  • Wash every 2-3 days
  • Run a rinse/Prewash nappies before your main wash cycle
  • Use a full dose of detergent according to your detergent packaging for heavily soiled items
  • No harsh stain removers or bleach.
  • Wash at 40-60 degrees
  • Do not overload your washing machine aim for 3/4 full when wet.
  • No fabric softeners. They will reduce absorbency.
  • Max wash temperature 60 degrees.
  • Ideally line dry or occasionally tumble dry on cool.


Baby Beehinds Warranty

Baby Beehinds offer a 6 month warranty from date of purchase not date of first use.  If you believe you have a faulty product then contact The Nappy Lady with details of the fault and photos and we will liaise with Baby Beehinds so they can assess your warranty claim.

Baby Beehinds product guarantee covers:
Fabric components of nappies and covers

Guarantee is valid for original purchaser only.

The Baby Beehinds product guarantee does NOT cover:

  • leaking (except as related to a manufacturing defect)
  • mis-care (care instructions provided with each purchase are to be followed precisely, or warranty is void)
  • wear and tear (pilling, loss of fluff over time, gradual slackening of elastic over time, delamination, thinning of fabric over time etc.)
  • Elastic deterioration in nappies older than 6 months
  • Any product purchased that specifically says no warranty or exchange on that particular product. Any possible faults will be disclosed in the product page in this circumstance. 

Baby Beehinds decision on any warranty claim is final.

Customer Reviews
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28 Reviews:

The review I wish I had read before buying…
14 January 2024  | 

As you will read in all the other reviews, yes this nappy is great for the heavy heavy wetter, like my little girl (my firstborn was absolutely fine with Bamboozle so her leaking through those was new to me). The reason I’m only giving it 3 stars is - it is humongous. It is so huge that I wonder how people add a wool cover on top of it. It is so big that my baby cannot move freely at night the way she likes and so because of that wakes up every other hour, where she will have 6 hour stretches otherwise. She is absolutely not comfortable sleeping in it. I’m really bummed it’s not working for us because I trusted all the other reviews and bought 3 to have enough and they are not cheap - and yes some say it’s big but no one seemed to have a problem with it. If your baby loves to sleep on it’s tummy, loves to roll over and move in it’s sleep, this diaper might not be for you.

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5 stars
01 July 2023  | 

5 stars


Fantastic nappies
28 April 2023  | 

Absolutely love those night nappies. My little one is a heavy wetter and that nappy with a woollen pants is a great combo.

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Best investment!
24 November 2022  | 

These have completely changed our night times! The can stay on for 12 hours and the fleece liner keeps them dry to touch for the baby. He woke far less frequently as soon as we started using them. Very reliable and not too long to dry. We have three on rotation which is sufficient to have one to use every night.

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The solution we were looking for!
23 March 2022  | 

Our little girl is a heavy wetter and we were on the search for a nappy that could hold it all in, all night, so her skin can be kept dry with a thin wicking layer added on top. We came to this nappy last because of the price but BOY was it worth it! It's a monster fat nappy that absolutely does the job! So impressed and LOVE that you can arrange the inner layers to how you need them.

Washes well, retains its softness nicely (and it is lovely and velour-like). Takes forever to dry, as you would expect as this is one heavy duty nappy made from quality fabrics. This means that, with just one, we can't use it every night. If you bought three or four you definitely could use them nightly. We use this on rotation with boostedTerry nappies.

Baby doesn't mind the fatness of the nappy. We use a Motherease Airflow cover and vest extenders to tackle the bulk, and pop her in a nightie rather than a sleepsuit. Works wonders!

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09 March 2022  | 

Super absorbent as well as staying lovely and soft in our hard water area. These are our new favourite night nappy.

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Serious night nappy
06 March 2022  | 

It was in desperation I turned to the baby beehinds night nappy.
My daughter at the ripe old age of 6 months was out peeing every night nappy I already had. I had tried extra boosters and was at the point of wondering where I went from here?!
I therefore searched on good old Facebook for solutions for heavy wetting babies and the one that kept being mention was the baby beehinds night nappy. I looked it up and after baulking slightly at the price, I took the plunge because, what other option did I have??
It arrived and I was slightly daunted by just how massive a nappy this seemed but it’s beautifully soft and after checking the fitting video on you tube (the inserts can seem a bit confusing) I fitted it on my daughter and was delighted by how nicely it fitted. She’s a chunk as well as a heavy wetter. I made sure it had been washed a sufficient amount of times before trying and I wasn’t disappointed. A whopping 23 layers did the trick! It’s also completely fleece lined when put together so leaves your babies skin feeling drier without the need for a liner. The inserts dry surprisingly quickly and have stayed soft in my hideously hard water. Would definitely recommend to anyone with a very heavy wetting child

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Best night nappy
27 December 2021  | 

This nappy is great. You can fold the inner part the way you want. And on top it is still fluffy as you have the snap in insert.
The sizing is generous. Our boy doesn't have any sock marks on his legs in the morning.
It also dries quick as you unclip the insert and the inner part can hang down and dries faster than fitted nappies.
So far my favourite. Only have one as the pricing is quite high. But definitely recommending to anyone who is considering it.

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Excellent night nappy
31 October 2021  | 

I purchased 2 medium night nappies for my 5 month old baby who is a very heavy wetter during the night. She is at the upper end of the weight limit for the medium and although snug, they fit brilliantly. They have remained pillow soft after several washes and could probably soak up an entire river. We have tried similarly designed night nappies from other brands and although the baby beehinds nappies are pricier there really is no comparison on absorbency and fit. We will be coming back for the large once she grows out of these.

Excellent service once again from TNL.

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Amazing night nappy!
23 July 2021  | 

After spending so much time trying to find the right combination for our little girl who is a master heavy wetter, we decided to invest a bit more in these incredibly absorbent Babybeehinds night nappies and they didn't disappoint! They are bulky but our baby really doesn't mind

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Simply the best
08 June 2021  | 

We have tried many night nappy variations and although the medium size is bulky on my four month old this beauty of a nappy is quite simply the most absorbent of all of them.
My girl still has a feed half way through the night and the baby beehind is not completely dripping wet in the morning... in fact it feels rather dry, even my partner who has never been convinced about night cloth nappies is impressed.. and my girl sleeps better at night with less wakings....definitely worth the investment.

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Great night nappy
28 March 2021  | 

These are brilliant. So soft and absorbent- I had stopped using washable at night as even with 3 boosters my bamboozle stretches were sodden (and 16 month old getting nappy rash) but these still feel dry next to the skin in the morning. I’m using a motherease wrap and have had no leaks or problems. Love them.

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Most absorbent night nappy.
22 January 2021  | 

Best night nappy by far. Love it. I know there won’t be any leaks and never have to think “does she need changing?” If she wakes in the night. Brilliant nappy.

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Great for heavy wetters
16 December 2020  | 

This is a great night nappy for heavy wetters. It is quite bulky, but manages to keep baby skin’s dry even after 12h. It’s my favourite night nappy by far.

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The best night nappy we’ve ever used
15 December 2020  | 

And I’ve pretty much tried them all. I have a heavy wetter but in the morning, these are not soaking wet. They have so much absorbency. What I love the most is that the nappy is covered in a stay dry layer over the insert but also within the main part of the nappy. So it feels dry in the morning and dry around the waist. It’s very important to me that my baby is comfortable whilst she’s sleeping.

So although these are expensive, they are actually worth every penny.

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Night time solution
15 December 2020  | 

My son has been in little lamb bamboo overnight and they had been great, until about 7 or 8 months, then he would out-pee them. Added little weeds hemp. This worked for a bit. Then had to add an ellas house hemp as well. Then I would swap the outside booster during the night.
We also tried the hemp bumhugger, with the same boosters. OH was blaming night wakings on the nappy. Other family members were telling me I needed to use disposables.
Enter baby beehinds! Bum dry in the morning thanks to the stay dry liner (I used liners in the other nappies, but bottom was damp)
Nappy feels like it has a lot more capacity too come morning there are still dry areas.

I was reluctant to spend so much, but am glad I did.

We use a wool wrap over the top... which I would suggest to size up on, as there is a lot of bulk to this nappy...understandably!

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Extremely absorbent
24 November 2020  | 

We were using petit lulu maxi nights with two boosters (a triple layer bamboo and a motherease sandys) and finding everything completely saturated in the morning. Once or twice we had slight dampness on pjs. We decided to try baby beehinds with an Ella's house hemp booster. It's much better. There are still dry sections of this nappy in the morning. It's far more absorbent. And the Hemp booster is much slimmer than either of the other two, so slots in without creating much more padding. Although this nappy is very bulky, it feels a much less faffy arrangement than we were doing, and we don't have any worries about leaking. I would totally recommend giving this nappy a try if your baby needs extra high absorbancy.

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Surprisingly, it actually works! Worth the money.
23 November 2020  | 

Previously, my girl was in a motherease with three boosters for overnights, and the nappy was still completely wet through by morning!

With the beehinds she seems a lot more comfortable at night, and in fact woke up a lot less, and the nappy was largely dry by morning.

The only thing to remember is that they apparently need to be washed 5 times before using to be fully effective, and they do take a lot longer to dry than our other nappies, but I suppose that's because they're thicker.

They are proper chunky, we've had to go up to the next size motherease wrap, but, "I like big butts and I cannot lie"! Our daughter doesn't seem to mind either.

They also have a good resale value which is worth bearing in mind.

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Best nighttime nappy, but size up with a baby with chunkier thighs
07 October 2020  | 

The only nappy that lasts overnight without leaks, using Motherease Duo cover or Disana wool pants with it. My baby has 8kg and thick thighs and I'll have to size up before getting to 9kg.

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Favourite night nappy
05 October 2020  | 

I have tried a few different night nappies including bamboozles and petit lulu maxi nights and this is the only one which has not been completely saturated in the morning. A bit more expensive but worth it.

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Unbeatable dryness
21 July 2020  | 

This is the best night nappy we have ever had. Our little boy is 17 months, heavy wetting and a front sleeper. He was frequently leaking at night, even with a nappy stuffed with boosters, which would mean he would wake early. All that has stopped, he's dry through the night, so he sleeps better. He's not damp when he wakes and the special boosters in this nappy mean you can target the absorbency to where you need it. Would highly recommend

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09 July 2020  | 

These really do the job baby is dry every morning my 4 month old and my 2 and a half year old special needs son

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Night nappy
17 June 2020  | 

The best nappy we have purchased yet. Really secure fitting and lots of extra layers inside. We use it with one of our tots bots waterproof covers which fit fine.
100% recommended this nappy for nighttime or heavy wetters.

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If I could give 100 starts I would!!!
14 January 2020  | 

Bought one to try, a bit afraid of the price and finding yet another failure on our almost 1 year old, heavy wetting, front sleeping boy overnight....
WOW. This nappy is literally the holy grail for us!
Even in a hemp night nappy boosted to the max he would wake up wet, with damp skin....
In these miracles he is bone dry after a good 12 hours, never a leak, the nappy is clearly very full but he is brilliantly dry
he fits a large with lots of room to grow. They are so easy to put on and give a great fit around his chunky legs and skinny waist!! They are super soft wash after wash, and we use with a wool cover too so extra soft and comfy.
Just amazing! Thankyou baby beehinds!!!

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Fantastic night nappy
27 December 2019  | 

This is by far the best night nappy we have used yet and even our heavy wetter almost one year old can’t out wee this with the fantastic popper booster that comes with each nappy. Both the nappy and the booster and fleece lined meaning our LB sleeps peacefully without feeling the wet 👍🏻 Definitely recommend for those who find their little ones are outwetting standard bamboo night nappies (even when boosted significantly in our case!)

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Excellent night time nappy
12 October 2019  | 

Haven’t done reusable nappies before so I looked around a lot before buying these. I didn’t want to have to buy separate boosters and faff with these when at night time putting nappies on is already a struggle. These nappies are so straight forward and easy. You just fold the inserts where absorbency is needed. I found they were not wet or soaked in the morning. They felt damp but that’s about it and my little 9 mo still feeds TV rough out the night. I only got one because I wanted to try them out but I’d be safe to say I will definitely buy more of these to cover the night time nappy stash.

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19 September 2019  | 

So soft and fluffy. It's like a super absorbent cloud. I brought one to try and definitely going to get more to make the switch to nighttime

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30 August 2019  | 

My ten month old daughter is a very heavy wetter and wakes up every night soaking wet. This nappy kept nearly all of the moisture away from her skin, but was clearly very full of wee. She fits a large size nappy very well, with lots of "spare" poppers, which will allow growing room. It is very easy to use.

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