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Bamboo Delights By Bubblebubs

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Bamboo Delights Nappy Overview

Bamboo Delights are so beautifully soft and luxurious.

The bamboo velour is lush and perfect for the delicate skin of babies.  They don't need rise snaps as the fabric is so soft and pliable that the nappy simply folds to fit your babies shape, quite ingenious really!  With a newborn you are relying heavily on the wrap to pull the nappy in snug.

When designing these fitted cloth nappies we made them low rise which makes them nice and trim on older babies whilst still being super absorbent with a large amount of stretch with gentle elastic at the waist, legs and back to give a superb fit. If you are using them overnight and have a heavy wetting child try adding a prefold between the outside of the nappy and the cover to increase the absorbency even more without affecting the fit.

They also convert to an excellent night nappy with the addition of an extra booster.

Bamboo Delights are a fitted cloth nappy and require a cover. The Motherease covers are an excellent choice.


Bamboo Delights are a one sized nappy that fits from birth 8lbs to 35lbs however please note they are very bulky at the lower weight range.

Bamboo Delights are a side snapping nappy which reduces the chance of wing drop, makes it incredibly hard for children to take off their nappy and reduces bulk at the front of the nappy. Bamboo Delights have 2 layers of snaps so you can snap the waist independent of the legs which are great for babies with either chunky thighs or super skinny ones! The snaps are hidden so they won't rub against your babies delicate skin.


These fitted nappies are made from a luscious bamboo and organic cotton blend fabric milled specifically to our specifications making it not only superb quality but has a much higher bamboo content than other similar fabrics which increases absorbency, in short, this nappy won't let you down!

Bamboo Delight nappies have a hidden layer of organic cotton flannel snuggled between 2 layers of super soft bamboo velour. The snap-in trifold is 30x30cm and made up of 2 layers of thick bamboo fleece and 1 layer of bamboo velour.







Drying Speed
Very Good
Change Speed
Ease of Use
Bamboo Velour
Requires a Wrap?
Day or Night
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Care & Warranty

Bubblebubs Care Guide

  • Soak your new nappies to increase absorbancy. It can take 6 washes to get to maximum absorbancy.
  • Remove solids and rinse in hot water. You can pretreat stains if desired. Night nappies must be thoroughly rinsed in hot water before dry pailing.
  • Wash nappies every other day.
  • Prewash on a short cycle. Use half dose of detergent for heavily soiled nappies.
  • Then wash using the longest cyle, up to 60 degrees but no more than 800 rpm spin. 
  • No harsh stain removers or bleach. They may cause irritation and can damage the waterproof membrane
  • No fabric softeners. They will reduce absorbency.
  • Ideally line dry or tumble dry on cool although this can effect the longevity of your product.

Bubblebubs Warranty

Bubblebubs offers a 6 months guarantee against manufacturing faults. The 6 month guarantee starts from when the item was purchased, not first used. If you believe you have an item with a manufacturing fault, you will need to contact us with details and photos of the fault. We will confirm your purchase date from our records. Bubblebubs may require the items to be inspected before a warranty decision is made, we will inform you if this is required in your case. Bubblebubs warranty decision is final.

Bubblebubs Warranty is VOID when:

  • Using harsh stain removers, biological detergents or bleaching
  • Continually tumble drying on a warm or hot heat, or directly on radiators or similar
  • Adding vinegar or sodium bicarbonate to the wash

Excessive laundering can destroy elastic, destroy the water repellency, make the fabric go bald, reduce the performance of your nappies, drastically reduce the lifespan and will render your guarantee void. 

Customer Reviews
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7 Reviews:

Very soft
31 May 2022  | 

It is great nappy. Using it for night at the moment. it is very soft and generous sizing around the legs as well as belly. I love it! It is my favourite at the moment. Little bubs doesn't wake up during the night for feeding anymore so no issues with the absorbency.
I fit it with Motherease Airflow or Reusabelles wrap.

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We love these nappies, once we got used to fitting them!
16 February 2022  | 

We bought purple and a white Bamboo Delights by Bubblebubs nappies and we love them. They are super absorbant and haven't needed to add any boosters or anything because the triple fold insert is so good. It took us a while to get used to fitting them because the buttons are backwards compared to other popper nappies but we got there in the end. The nappies are super soft against babies skin and don't dig in at all and most wraps fit over them!

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Easy to use
09 September 2021  | 

A quick and easy night time solution. Used with Motherease Airflow with no leaks and a comfortable fit for my 8kg baby. Decent absorption. (My baby is a heavy wetter and we have to change once in the night whichever system we use or he won’t sleep.) Drying time moderate but quicker than bamboozle stretch.
Only didn’t get 5 stars as I find that when the insert is poppered in, it doesn’t reach far enough round to be in the right place for urine absorption so we use it without securing it in.
Overall very happy with this one.

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Great for day and night
02 October 2020  | 

I recently bought 5 different nappies from TNL and thought it useful to mention all in one review because comparisons are very useful - at least I would have found them so.

I bought: Bamboo delights
Bamboozle Stretch
Two size Popolini
Anavy Fitted one size

I bought motherease wraps for them.

Bamboo Delights are my favourite. They are great because they are soft (velour, I hope that lasts), they contain really well, and can go for night time with the stay dry boosters I have and I think I have a heavy wetter (boy). I bought the red one and even with a non lined poo there is no stain. I don't find them so bulky on him during the day without the booster, but then I have been told he is a big baby (not chubby, but solid I guess),maybe people just aren't being honest and he's a bi plump. I don't know but I don't find. them bulky. ALSO and very importantly, the aspect that puts them right up there, they are the first to dry out of all of the above. So they'll get a lot fo use.

I comparison:

BumHugger is next to dry. I find it good and I use it often, but the seat of the nappy is slim and I think this takes away from poo containment, and also threading through the insert. ( also have to take a good look at tit to work out how to put it on! Over time I'm sure it'll come more naturally.

Bamboozles. These take a while to dry - maybe a day and a half or longer in my room with the boiler. BUT they are very trustworthy. Overnight i use with a stay dry booster and if i can't change baby immediately on waking because other kids are playing up or something (!) I don't fret that it'll leak. Very dependable nappy. I only got cream coloured however and i prefer a pattern for fun and also to hide any stains.

Popolini. Probably shouldn't have bought these. takes FOREVER to dry and so incredibly bulky. Clothes can't fit with it on. Night time only / last resort, for sure.

Anavi. I don't think absorbency is so great, but quite slim on my little boy. I am not reaching for this nappy, but if it's there I'll take it. But I'll watch the baby to check all is going well with no leaks. I've had an overnight leak.

In future I'll but the bamboo delights again along with bamboozle stretch.

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Best Night Nappies
01 July 2020  | 

Ugh. These are a dream. I love them. We're trying to move away from two parters during the day - just fancy a change - but if we weren't our boy would be in these 24 hours a day. The fit is flexible and beautiful, they're soft, they're absorbent. With a Motherease stay dry liner and wrap they last 12+ hours overnight. There's room for more boost too. The fit is reasonably slim as well on our lean boy. I just like to think how soft and comfy his bum is in them. Honestly, these are fantastic.

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Buttery soft and great overnight
12 April 2020  | 

I love this nappy, soft and gorgeous they make me super happy putting them on (another has just slipped into my basket!) They are a great night option - my little one is about 11lbs and they fit well. I use over night and get in excess of 12 hours. On his size they’d be really bulky as day option but love them for nights.

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Amazing nappies
14 January 2020  | 

I love these nappies, I’m moving towards two parters for better absorption and containment and these are great. They’re easy to fit, soft and hold a lot of liquid. They are bulkier than some nappies but it’s not really noticeable on my toddler.

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