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Cheeky Wipes Essential Oils

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Cheeky Wipes Essential Oils

Cheeky Wipes oils are designed for soaking Cheeky Wipes reusable wipes however you can use the oils for other brands of wipes too.

All Cheeky Wipes oils are premium grade, the highest quality aromatherapy oils available.

Cheeky Wipes Mucky Baby Scent

  • Tea Tree and Tea Tree Lemon for Mucky Wipes by Cheeky Wipes

50% Tea Tree Essential Oil and 50% Tea Tree Lemon Essential Oil, both from Australia. Tea Tree is a powerful antiseptic, anti bactericidal, fungicidal essential oil. In World War II, tea tree oil was a highly valued product as it was issued to each soldier and sailor as part of their kit in order to treat tropical infections and infected wounds. Perfect for keeping Mucky baby wipes sweet until they're washed. Tea Tree Lemon comes from the Manuka Tree, also in Australia (this amazing Manuka Honey has been used in clinical trials to heal wounds quickly) Tea Tree lemon is a sweeter, lemony scented Tea Tree Oil, less medicinal smelling and used extensively by the old Maori's for burns and irritations of the skin.

Cheeky Wipes Fresh Baby Scents

  • Lavender and Chamomile Oil for Fresh Wipes by Cheeky Wipes

95% Lavender Essential Oil from France and 5% German Blue Chamomile Essential Oil from Hungary. Lavender has antiseptic and anti fungal properties, and it aids in healing of cuts and burns. It's also very soothing which makes it lovely for using on baby (plus it smells great!)
Chamomile is well known for it's soothing effect on children and is useful for soothing irritated skin. Perfect for those little baby bottoms!


  • Mandarin and Tea Tree Lemon for Fresh Wipes by Cheeky Wipes

Cold pressed Mandarin essential oil has a sweet light fruity scent and is the gentlest of the essential oils. The Mandarin oil is blended with 20% Tea Tree Lemon and 10% Tea Tree. This oil is safe for use in pregnancy and on children.

Reusable Wipes Receipes

You can find various reusable wipes solution ideas in our wipes receipes section.

Other uses for Cheeky Wipes Essential Oils

You can put a few drops on a wet muslin (or bucket lid) to cover a dry pail set of nappies so when you open the bucket you get a pleasant fresh smell.  When cleaning out your bucket on wash day you can also add a a couple of drops of your preferred essential oil with water to swill and freshen your bucket.


Cheeky Wipes
Care & Warranty

Cheeky Care Guide

  • Prewash once before first use
  • Wash dark colours separately
  • Wash with non-bio powder
  • No harsh stain removers or bleach.
  • No fabric softeners. They will reduce absorbency.
  • Wash temperature according to garment label
  • Ideally line dry or tumble dry on cool.

Cheeky Warranty

Manufacturing faults are covered for 6 months from purchase date not first use of the product. Most manufacturing faults will show up within the first couple of wears/washes

If you think you have a faulty item contact The Nappy Lady and we will liaise with Cheeky on your behalf to process your warranty claim. If a product is found to be faulty Cheeky will directly replace the item to you.

Cheeky's decision on any warranty claim is final.

Customer Reviews
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8 Reviews:

Love it!
16 February 2021  | 

Always use a few drops for the solution for “bums” do my baby since newborn. Smells great, works a treat and makes nappy change a fragrant pleasure!

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fab addition to our box of wipes
03 May 2020  | 

The cheeky oils lemon and tea tree smells like lemon sherbet in a tub. Naturally antiseptic and antibacterial this is a great essential oil to add to your reusable wipes to make them smell incredible. My daughter reacted to every disposable wipe going before we converted to cloth wipes but a drop of this in a small tub of water and the wipes is perfectly suited to her sensitive skin. I highly recommend to anyone, plus the bottle lasts forever! Using only a drop a time means for us it has lasted a whole year so far

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Beautiful smell, gentle on bottoms and lasts ages!
12 September 2019  | 

I use this oil in my cleaning solution for my little ones bottom. I’ve been using it since 6 weeks and it’s lovely and gently. I also use it in my dry pail to prevent smells and it works a treat. You only need one drop so it also lasts for ages!

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Probably does the job, but I don't like the smell
22 April 2019  | 

Smells less 'fresh' than I was hoping for. I like the essential oils for their smell, it keeps the stink away from my nappy laundy, but this seems to add to it

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We've found the Tea Tree and Tea Tree Lemon best in the nappy bucket. It might be worth tryng a different scent

Lovely smell
25 February 2019  | 

I use this everytime I put a nappy rinse. Also perfect for freshing up nappy bins and putting in the mop bucket. A lovely refreshing scent.

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Smells lovely!
08 February 2019  | 

Mandarin is one of my favourite scents so I just had to order some for my reusable wipes and I love it. A fresher, fruity smell rather than the sterileness/ pureness of lavender and chamomile

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Lovely Smell
31 January 2019  | 

These oils are great for use with the cheeky wipes, I’ve loved using the tea tree and mandarin scents.

I’ve also found them ideal for putting a few drops in my empty nappy bin before rinsing out-leaves it smelling really pleasant.

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Made an already excellent product even better!
26 December 2018  | 

We bought this as our son had very bad nappy rash and although we had been using reusable wipes for a while, the nursery and friends and family didn’t feel comfortable using them. After using ‘sleepy’ tea bags to infuse the water that I would use for the wipes I caved and went for the essential oil. Honestly, it makes the reusable wipes even better! People love using them now on him and I now don’t have to argue the case for them. They speak for themselves with their beautiful smell and then ultimately prove themselves by reducing redness and sore bits on botta. Great product and well worth it

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