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Kangacare Bamboo Birdseye Flat Nappies
Kangacare Bamboo Birdseye Flat Nappies

Kangacare Bamboo Birdseye Flat Nappies

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Bamboo Birdseye Flat Overview

Kangacare Bamboo Birdseye Flat Cloth Nappies are a One Size nappy system. Bamboo birdseye fabric has been described as buttery soft. Kangacare make high quality premium nappies and their perfect fabric blends always stand out from other brands

Flats are a great cost saving economical nappy choice.

What is Birdseye Fabric?

Birdseye fabric is made on a dobby loom which creates a small repetitive diamond shape pattern that resembles a bird's eye. Birdseye fabric is lightweight, very soft and breathable making it ideal for reusable nappies. Birdseye is a sturdy fabric that is naturally resistant to wrinkling. It's popular in North America and has grown in popularity in the UK.



32in x32 in (approx 81 x81cm)

Pack of 6

Flats grow with your child! The Kanga Care One Size Flat Nappy is a single layer Birdseye cotton and bamboo rayon blend fabric that is hemmed in a square. This type of hemmed fabric is perfect for folding in different styles that can adjust to fit around your little one so that they will truly grow with your child. This means that it can fit your child from birth to potty training making them a seamless option for cloth diapering your child.

How do I use it?

Kangacare Bamboo Birdseye flats are nappies that you will fold just as you would a terry square or muslin.  They can also be folded into a simple pad and used to stuff into a pocket. They make super absorbent pocket nappy insert.

The Kangacare Birdseye Bamboo Flats are much larger than terry squares at 32x32in (approx 80x80cm) so you will need to make some adjustment into the fold to make a smaller square before you start folding. Hold the folded nappy in place using a Nappi Nippa.

The larger size also means they are even more super absorbent.

The Birdseye Flt works well in Rumparooz covers as well as many other brands of wraps designed for flat nappies. A lovely insert choice for the Bamboolik trainer pants too.

Nappy Fabric

70% Bamboo

30% Cotton

This perfect blend of materials gives you the softness of bamboo and the cotton gives you additional strength.

Bamboo Material Care:

When products with bamboo (such as prefolds and flats) are washed or dried at high temperates, they may shrink beyond the expected 10% after being prepped for use.

To avoid unwanted, or excessive shrinking, best practice is to wash in warm or cold water and then tumble dry low, or line dry. The use of dryer balls will also help minimize drying time.



Poor- if pad folded
Ease of Use
Fiddly but soon learnt
Nappi Nippas/pad folded
Requires a Wrap?
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