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Bamboolik Trainer Pants
Bamboolik Trainer Pants
Bamboolik Trainer Pants
Bamboolik Trainer Pants

Bamboolik Trainer Pants

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Product Details

Training Pants Overview

Bamboolik  trainer pants DO NOT come with any absorbency they are just the outside waterproofing. This is so you can reuse inserts you already have from your nappies or can buy the level of absorbency that your baby needs.  

We'd encourage you to use inserts you've already got however if you need to buy new ones then have a look at the Muslinz prefolds, Thirsties Hemp Inserts or Little Lambs Bamboo Inserts.

Inside each pair of trainers is built in pouch that will hold your absorbent insert in place and stop it sliding out the front, back or sides.


Bamboolik Trainer Pants come in a range of sizes as below so you can get the perfect fit for your little potty trainer.

  • Medium 8-12kgs (17-26lbs)
  • Large 11-16kgs (24-35lbs)
  • XL 15-25kgs (33-55lbs)

How To Use Them

Each pair of trainers have ultra stretchy sides and back panel so it's easy for little fingers to pull the pants up and down.  There are also three width settings at the sides which fasten with poppers so this gives you potentially 6 different waist settings within each pairs.  The waist poppers also allow you to lay your potty training child down for a ful cahnge if they have had a poo accident, this is super important as there is nothing worse than having to pull down pooey pants down the legs and step out for them (receipe for a very messy disaster!)

In terms of how many pairs you'll need it really depends on what stage of potty training your child is at. If you are right at the beginning you'll likely need 2-3 outers so you can change the outer during the day.  If you have a reliable potty trainer you could get away with one or two outers.

Is your child ready for potty training? Read our guide "potty training in cloth nappies."



PUL- Polyurethene Laminate


Drying Speed
100% Polyester
Care & Warranty

Bamboolik Care Guide

All items should be machine-washed at 60°C (including the items containing PUL). This temperature ensures that no bacteria survives, thus avoiding possible skin irritation or damage to the nappies. Please keep in mind that temperatures higher than 60°C should be used only exceptionally, for disinfecting the diapers (e.g. in case of an infection). Repeated washing at high temperatures (over 60°C) can shorten the nappies’ lifespan. Do not use the ‘Eco’ program of your washing machine for washing cloth nappies as it will not use enough water.

Bamboolik recommends washing your nappies every second or third day.

You can use any good quality washing powder for washing your cloth nappies. We have witnessed that detergents which contain chemical bleaches, surfactants, optical brighteners and other synthetic substances can cause damage to the nappies. 

Do not add any fabric softeners when washing cloth nappies.

After washing, line dry your nappies. Items containing PUL should not be exposed to direct sunlight or direct source of heat; doing so might damage the PUL fabric irretrievably.

Bamboolik Warranty

If you believe you have a faulty Bamboolik product please contact us with details of the issue and photos and we will liaise with Bamboolik so they can assess your warranty claim and arrange replacements if appropriate.

Bamboolik products must be washed following their guidance otherwise product warranty is void.

Bamboolik's decision on any warranty claim is final.


Customer Reviews
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9 Reviews:

Great design for a pull up
16 February 2024  | 

The pouch really is just that, a pouch. Its almost shaped like a shower cap with binding all of the way around it and so you just pop what absorbency you need in there. We had to stuff it quite full for overnight as our toddler still has a significant output, but it didn't leak. We're hoping that the wrap will be useful to gently encourage her to use the toilet at night, as it's super easy for her to pull up and down.

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Great product
04 January 2023  | 

We got these for our 3 year old who is out of nappies during the day but not at night. They're great. Took a bit of experimenting but now we've cracked it they're fab. We use two bamboolik liners which avoids any leaks as she still is a heavy wetter at night. We got two liners but could probably do with one more so we don't have to use a disposable when the others are in the wash.

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Night training pants
23 May 2022  | 

Using these great wraps for my 2.5 year old at night, who is toilet trained in the day. They are great as a pull up which my daughter likes to do herself. I like that you can put any absorbent boosters / pads in the pocket - it does take a bit of folding but I have 2 in there. No leaks for a big wee. They do take longer to dry than other wraps due to the soft fabric elastic section. And also you have to be careful with other velcro items in your wash and these will snag the elastic. Great product and delivery service too.

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good as night-time pull-ups
27 October 2021  | 

We use these as a night time pull-up. I like that they are slim, rather than huge like the motherease bedwetter, and that I can use any of our old nappy boosters as the inner. Also if there is only a small wee, I can just change the inner and reuse the outer, which is handy. The fit seems a little awkward, which is why I docked one star, but we haven't had regular leaks from the nappy so it is fairly secure. My son is a small, skinny 3 year old and a size Large fits snugly.

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Very convenient with a mobile baby!
26 May 2021  | 

The only reason I haven’t given it 5 stars is because by the time we purchased it, our 11 month old baby was dry during the day! (We practiced EC) so we never got to test it properly so to say. But it had a great fit because of the design of the snaps and the material used around the waist - even if it looks a bit funny on the back. We loved that it could be used as if it was undies, not needing to snap and unsnap it but just putting it on like regular undies or trousers; great for mobile babies who are always on the move!

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Check size!
10 March 2021  | 

I was excited for these to try. My toddler is on the bigger size and about 35lbs so well within the XL size category, but these absolutely hang off him and are unusable. If you can, I'd suggest buying two to either save or send back. I was not expecting them to be so huge. From what I can tell they would be absolutely brilliant though.

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Just right
27 December 2020  | 

Well made and very adjustable on waist. Back trickier to tuck pads under as smaller gap, but once in stays put.
No leaks. I use for night time with 2 pads. Much easier to get on and off than a nappy and I also do a dream wee and still easy to use in the dark
Used alongside Bumgenius Flip training pants, which are my preference, but these are a very good alternative. Also good that I can use my existing pads. Not used daytime, but would be happy to if we still had a need.

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Does what it means to do
27 November 2020  | 

Very happy with the product. It does what it says it does. Seems comfortable and no leaks. Lots of poppers to adjust size too.

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Excellent alternative to disposable pull ups
31 October 2020  | 

My 20kg toddler has outgrown all my btp nappies but is not quite ready to toilet train and I was loathe to start buying disposables at this stage. While I have size 3 wraps for night time use they are not easy for toilet time so when I saw these I thought I would take a chance. I am impressed. The 3 rows of poppers and elasticated waist not only make for a good fit but allow child to pull them down to go to the toilet. I like that I can use the inserts I already have making it more affordable than the nappies for big kids and although they are more expensive than ordinary wraps I think they are worth it for the flexibility for starting toilet training. I don't tend to put the inserts in the pouch as they give more coverage just laid on top but they don't really move around. Containment is good and the fact you can undo the sides if they poo is wonderful! They do take a bit longer to dry than other wraps because of the elasticated waist but I don't think it's worth knocking a star off - I like it so much I have bought more!

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