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Thrive Organic Muslins 80x80cm

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Thrive Organic Muslins Overview

Thrive Muslins are made of Unbleached Organic Cotton and are larger than most other muslins on the market. 

The larger size of the Thrive muslins means they are even more absorbent ideal for a baby that is feeding really well and wetting lots.  The size also offers perfect absorbency for using over naps and night time without having to add a booster.

It is important you prewash your Thrive muslins before first use. With washing the muslin fibres absorb water and expland and fluff up to their full absorbency and softness. The more you wash your Thrive muslins the softer and more absorbent the muslins are.


80cm x80cm

Sold in packs of 10

How do I use it?

Muslins when used as newborn nappies give you enough absorbency for 2-2.5 hours. This is the recommended change frequency for a newborn regardless if they are using disposable nappies or reusable. Muslins absorbency perfectly matches this change frequency and ensures baby is kept to the correct change schedule for their age.

When using the Thrive muslins as newborn reusable nappies you first need to fold them. The very best fold for folded muslins is the Jo Fold.  The Jo Fold is incredibly easy to fold and is super adjustable to alter the length as baby grows. The Jo Fold also concentrates the absorbency in the middle where newborns either boys or girls need the most absorbency.

As the Thrive muslins are larger then normal you will need to cross over the corners during the first steps of the Jo Fold to make the nappy shorter.

Once folded the Thrive muslins are held in place with a Nappi Nippa.  Nippas are very simple to use and after a few practices putting a nappy on a teddy bear you'll be an expert. No risk of scratching baby or poking them with a nappy pin.

Muslin Fabric

100% Unbleached Organic Cotton



Drying Speed
Very Fast
Good - if fastened
Good - For Newborn
Extremely Slim
Change Speed
Slow - Average
Ease of Use
Fiddly but quickly learnt
Nappi Nippas/pad folded
Organic Cotton
Requires a Wrap?
Made In
Care & Warranty

Disana Care Guide

  • Prewash cotton nappies twice once before first use.
  • Remove all solid waste before washing cotton nappies
  • Remove any inserts from covers so they can thoroughly washed
  • Don't overload your machine.
  • Put your cotton nappies through a rinse cycle before the main wash
  • You can wash your cotton nappies at 40 or 60 deg using a full dose of detergent
  • Use a long cotton wash. Cotton nappies love a long wash
  • No harsh stain removers or bleach on cotton nappies or wool wraps.
  • No fabric softeners. They will reduce absorbency.
  • Ideally line dry or tumble dry cotton nappies on warm.


Disana Wool Covers must not be machine washed. Follow wool products instructions found here.


Disana Warranty

If you believe you have a faulty Disana product please contact The Nappy Lady with details of the fault and photos and we will liaise with Disana so they can assess your warranty claim.

Disana's decision on any warranty claim is final.


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