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Thrive Canopy Wrap
Thrive Canopy Wrap
Thrive Canopy Wrap
Thrive Canopy Wrap

Thrive Canopy Wrap

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Canopy Nappy Wrap By Thrive Overview

The Canopy wrap by Thrive is a highly versatile, great quality nappy cover. Due to its slightly wider and larger cut it provides a great fit and can be worn over almost all reusable nappies. This includes Terry Squares and fitted nappies such as the Bumble.

Canopy wrap offers a double leg gusset for extra leak protection to protect against those potential blow outs. Double leg gussets also help to give a snugger fit for babies at the lower end of the weight range.

Unlike many wraps there is also encased elastic at the front and back panels of the wrap.


Thrive Canopy wrap  fit babies "almost" birth to potty from 10lbs to 40lbs which is a slightly larger weight range than most birth to potty wraps.

It is a generous one size nappy cover.

Wrap Fastening

The wraps are popper fastening at the waist and in my favourite double row, vertical popper position which helps prevent wing droop.

The Canopy cover has adjustable rise snaps  to adjust the length of the wrap. There are 4 length settings on the wrap.


Which nappies to use with...

The Canopy wrap is are designed to fit over bulkier or boosted night time fitted nappies.  

The Canopy wrap does not have a "flap" inside to make it easier to clean however this can be an issue if you use pad folded prefolds as they could potentially slip.  The nappy has a high rise front to help give you complete nappy coverage.


How to use the Canopy wrap

The Canopy cover can be washed up to 60 deg. It dries super fast as there isn't any absorbency to the cover. The Canopy wrap should be line dried or if you are really stuck tumble dried on low but we try to avoid tumble drying where possible.

Wraps should be changed straight away if they get soiled. Otherwise change the wrap at nappy changes approximately 2-3 times a day which is approx every 8-12 hours depending on baby's age. The nappy underneath the Canopy cover will be changed far more frequently as it is the nappy that does the absorbing and poo containment.

The inside of the Canopy Wrap is designed to be wipe clean so if it does get damp just use a clean dry muslin to wipe it ready for reuse.

Wrap Fabric



Generously Average
100% Polyester (TPU laminate)
Made In
Care & Warranty

Thrive Care Guide

  • Prewash all absorbent parts twice times before first use.
  • If you use a nappy cream you must always use a paper liner.
  • Store the nappy in a dry lidded bucket for 2 days.
  • Put through a rinse cycle before the main wash
  • Wash up to 40deg and they are fine for an occassional 60 deg wash
  • Powder detergent do not exceed recommended dose.
  • No harsh stain removers, bleach, essential oils, perfumes or vinegar
  • No fabric softeners. They will reduce absorbency.
  • Ideally line dry or tumble dry on cool.


Thrive Warranty

Thrive products come with a six month warranty starting from day of purchase. Warranty covers against manufacturing faults such as stitching, broken poppers and zip.

Wear and Tear is not covered.



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