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Flip Inserts Cotton Day

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DISCONTINUED The Flip nappy system allows you to choose which insert you use in your nappy. These are the Flip Cotton DAY inserts.  They are made of  soft cotton which opens out into a large sheet to give much greater surface area to speed drying further.   This is a day insert for night time you'd need to use the Flip Cotton Night time insert.

Flips are a very economical system as you buy fewer wraps (the expensive part) than nappy inserts. The ratio of wraps to nappy inserts is 1 wrap to 4 inserts as a minimum.  For a full time set this equates to 20 inserts (15day and 5 suitable for nights) and 5 wraps.  If you have a very young baby you may prefer to get an extra wrap to allow for poo getting onto the wrap.

As the nappy inserts are just pads of fabric you are reliant on the flip wrap to keep poo inside so for a newborn especially a breastfed baby with explosive poo you'll likely to find you go through more wraps than you would with a shaped nappy but as long as you regularly wash your wraps so you don't run out this doesn't matter. 



Drying Speed
Fairly Slim
Change Speed
Ease of Use
Fiddly to keep together
No Fastening-Pad Folded
Requires a Wrap?
Day or Night
Day only
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8 Reviews:

No leaks now!
28 October 2019  | 

Just what we needed for our heavy wetter - no leaks since!

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does the job
07 September 2019  | 

Good absorption, wash well and dry quickly, but the edges have bunched slightly, which doesn't affect purpose but does make them a little fiddly to fold.

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Very easy to use
18 July 2019  | 

I love the flips, they're very easy to use and you can fold them to increase absorbancy wherever you want to. Babies skin feels dry on changing and they're easy to rinse. I've found the organics great for my sons very sensitive skin.

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Just a piece of cloth
04 July 2017  | 

These are a large piece of nice thin soft cotton that you fold up into a rectangle and bung in the flip wrap. The thin cotton bunches easily, though, and feels very wet on baby's skin and doesn't absorb much, so I'm not a big fan. I prefer the stay dries as they have the microfibre top so feel drier- they work particularly well with bamboo booster. I'm only really using the organic day inserts as boosters or if I know I only need a nappy for an hour (e.g. Before bathtime).

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Prefer the stay dry inserts
11 August 2016  | 

At the moment I prefer the stay dry inserts but I'm hoping she does better with these as she grows because they dry faster and are nice and slim inside the wrap. Currently (aged 6 weeks) she's crying to have her nappy changed after a couple of hours when these are in, whereas with the stay dry liners I have to remember to change her after 3 hours because she's so quiet. I've also found the stay dry liners don't get poo stains, whereas these tinged a bit.

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Great product
06 March 2016  | 

Love how easy these are to use. Quick drying as well.

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Brilliant nappy!
29 February 2016  | 

We absolutely love the flip organic day time. It is a super absorbent, very slim nappy. It dries very fast and feels amazingly soft too. A winner in this house!

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best nappy system we have used!
11 August 2015  | 

I bought some flip wrap to use with prefolds and needed to spend a bit more to qualify for free delivery so ordered one of these. When it came it was HUGE but only a single layer, so I didn't expect much. I folded it in half, then like a normal prefold, and it still looked too slim to be any good. I put it on my 7 month old and it lasted a good 8 hours! Converted now and as soon they are back in stock I am ordering more

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