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Eco Femme Full Time Kit

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Full Cycle Kit Overview

This is a wonderful kit that contains the full range of the Eco Femme pads. You'll have a pad for every day of your cycle.

Eco Femme sells a premium range of washable cloth pads and pantyliners across the world and were the first pad I tried.  I love the organic soft flannel cotton top layer and find the organic cotton flannel layers really absorbent. The tabs fastening is the correct size for most pants and isn't too tight or too loose.

Kit Contents

  • 2 panty liners,
  • 2 day pads,
  • 2 day pad plus pads,
  • 1 night pad,
  • 1 canvas travel pouch,
  • full instructions on care and use.


The full kit is available in the original Vibrant colours.

Top layer: organic cotton flannel undyed and unbleached.

Inner layers: Varying layers of undyed and unbleached organic cotton flannel 

Back layer: 100% cotton with the leakproof layer

The pads are packaged in recycled cardboard and come with a care and instruction card.

More about each pad


Eco Femme Pantyliner (3 pack). Ideal for light flow days, daily discharge, spotting or as a backup along with a menstrual cup or tampon. With leakproof layer. 18cm length x 7cm width when closed.

Day Pad
Eco Femme Day Pad (single pack). Our most popular pad! Ideal for average flow days. With leakproof layer. 23cm length x 7cm width when closed

Eco Femme Day Pad Plus (single pack).
A versatile pad sized between a night pad and day p ad it offers good protection for the first days of the period and lighter flow nights. With leakproof layer. 26.5cm length x 7cm width when closed

Night Pad
Eco Femme Night Pad (single pack). Our most absorbent pad for nights and heavy flow days. Added protection ensured due to additional length and width at the back of pad. With leakproof layer. 29cm length x 7cm width when closed.

Travel Pouch
A beautiful hand-finished canvas travel pouch for convenient travel and clean storage of your pads. 12cm x 14cm.


About Eco Femme

Eco Femme pads are stitched by members of women's self help groups and women are paid per piece rate for products. They are stitched to an export quality.


Organic Cotton
Pack Size
7 Mixed Pads
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19 Reviews:

Good design, attention to detail
02 August 2020  | 

Very happy with this set. They look good, wash well and fit nicely without moving around. The little carry pouch is a beautiful add-on that I love to carry. Also feels good to support this organisation.

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Great panyliners
10 November 2018  | 

I have the pantyliners which I'm using in late pregnancy. I love them, very comfortable and soft and keep me feeling dry. I like that you can popper them closed when you put them in the wash basket, and to make it easier to carry clean ones. They are nice and dark so I look forward to using them later on as mooncup backup.

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22 August 2018  | 

Incredible product, I will never look back. They are soft, comfortable and they felt much more secure than plastic santiary pads. I am so happy that I don't have to buy new pads every month and that I'm helping the environment at the same time. Also, zero irritation.

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Great pads
27 July 2018  | 

I'm using these for the first time in pregnancy rather than during my period but they're great so far - I see no reason why they wouldn't be just as comfortable and easily washed when they are used during a period. I'm very happy with them and will be buying more

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good to wear and wash
16 July 2018  | 

fits well but not much difference between day and day +

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Loving my new eco life
06 July 2018  | 

I bought these incase I couldn't master use of the mooncup and also incase of leakage and I have to say I'm very glad I did. These are so easy to use and do stay in place. Really happy with these as never need to waste another penny on unnecessary disposable products again. Easy to clean. Don't seem to stain if you follow the manufacturer instructions. Only downside is, they only last 75 washes but still more cost efficient and environmentally friendly than disposables. Highly impressed

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Comfortable and reassuringly leak proof
23 March 2018  | 

A little skeptical about changing to reusable pads, but I am a total convert. I would never go back to disposables. So comfortable you forget they are there. Use these as daily liners. They wash up well and pretty colours.

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Shrunk a lot and don't stay put
21 December 2017  | 

I really wanted to love these as I have other brands that I love but they're just not as good for me. I like that they're nice and thin and stay lovely and cool being cotton. I also like that they're a dark colour - why oh why do cheeky mama do theirs in white?! But they shrank in the first wash to be teeny tiny and they just don't stay put in my knickers so I'm constantly having to fiddle around with them! For a cotton pad I much prefer the cheeky mama ultra pad, which has more shaping and a more generous size so stays where it is supposed to be. Just need to see if I can dye them a different colour!

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Great Pantyliners
18 December 2017  | 

I bought the pack of three pantyliners to use with my cup, and I love them. They're so slim and comfortable compared to using a stick-on disposable things and much slimmer than the smallest pad of other reusable brands. They wash and wear well, and fold up really small which is great too.

I love knowing they are supporting other women too.

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Brilliant product
06 February 2017  | 

These are really soft and comfy to wear, you forget they are there and not itchy like disposable ones. They wash really easily too, either in with clothes or nappies. And great service and delivery time too

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Good, but don't stay in place
03 February 2017  | 

These are nice and discreet, very comfortable to wear and wash well. The only issue is that they don't always stay in place and I've had to use a safety pin to secure them.

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Good absorbency
30 December 2016  | 

I am using the night pad postpartum. It works well, could be a tiny bit longer in the front. Doesn't seem to take the spin cycle very well but washing by hand is very difficult. Very thin, don'tfeel it at all. It has lost some of the red dye and is starting to look a bit strange on the washing line.

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A good product
29 August 2016  | 

I've only tried the panty liners, but they are comfortable to wear and wash well. The only negative is they do move a bit depending what type of underwear you're wearing, however they have generally been very reliable.

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loving my new pads
23 August 2016  | 

I made some of my own pads years ago but had totally fallen out of the habit until i saw my friend's pads on the line.
This set is really nicely made, comfie to wear and wash well. The only thing that could make it better would be a double pouch- a clean and dirty compartment.

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So comfortable
08 March 2016  | 

I bought the pantyliners as a trial after deciding that if I was willing to put my son in cloth I should at least try it myself, and I am converted. They feel so soft and comfortable and the only reason not to give 5 stars is that I just slightly prefer honour your flow products, which I find wash fractionally better and don't shed any fluff. Very happy with them though.

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Good product
17 December 2015  | 

Really good day to day product. So easy to use, made me realise how much I must spend on disposable P liners and also how much better to use washables! And really like that it's supporting a Women's Initiative. Only criticism is that looses initial softness after first wash, but this may be it fell in a 60 wash by mistake! Great daily use item.

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No so impressed
15 October 2015  | 

It does what it's meant to, but this is harder to clean than Charlie banana maternity pads.. Colour is off putting and I think my husband would be a bit freaked out if he spotted these in the laundry as they are not as discreet in style as alternative ones I purchased.

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Super Pantyliner
22 June 2015  | 

As we all know, after giving birth nothing is that firm anymore. I bought these pantyliners to catch possible "accidents" and to use during my period with my mooncup. So far I've worn them for 3 days and love them:
- they don't slip much
- they are quite small and only a tad bigger than average disposables
- no more rashes

Haven't tried the pads, but I love the pantyliners!

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Really impressed
05 May 2015  | 

Love these. Have only used for late stage lochia so far and not full period, they're probably too thin to hold a heavy period, but perfect for the first and last days of it or for lighter periods. They are so comfortable! Fit nicely in underwear with no movement. Good colour to hide most of blood and not stain. Uses a popper so can be fastened the other way around when waiting in the wash basket and my husband didn't even mind putting them in the wash for me, when he'd normally shy away from this sort of thing because the colour and being inside out made them look safe to handle.

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