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La Petite Ourse All In One Day Time Kit
La Petite Ourse All In One Day Time Kit
La Petite Ourse All In One Day Time Kit
La Petite Ourse All In One Day Time Kit

La Petite Ourse All In One Day Time Kit

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La Petite Ourse All In One Kit Overview

The Nappy Lady La Petie Ourse All In One Kit has everything you need to cloth in the day. We sell all the components separately but we've created this kit so it's an easy quick one click easy purchase for you at a discounted kit price.
*rrp price based on buying items individually at full price.


15 x La Petite Ourse Onesize All In One Nappies Nappies Mixed Prints/Colours (random selection prepared by The Nappy Lady)
1 x La Petite Ourse Wet Bag
1x Roll of Paper Liners

You will also need:

Night time nappies. - We also sell ready made night time sets too!


Nappy Overview

The La Petite Ourse is a simpler nappy to use than the LPO pocket nappy as no stuffing is required. However it is much slower drying due to the sewn in absorbency.

The nappy is fully lined with a stay dry grey coloured interior liner. this is soft and keeps baby feeling drier. The grey colouring also helps to minimise stains.


The waist fastens with poppers in my favourite vertical popper position. The vertical position holds the tabs firmly in place and minimises wing droop. There is also an additional waist popper on each side to further secure the front panel when the nappy is in the smaller width settings. The tabs also offer a cross over popper option for very narrow babies but this isn't often needed at 10lbs but the option is there.

The nappy length is altered by the 4 x 3 poppers on the front to offer you small, medium and long length and full length allowing, the nappies to grow with your baby.


How do I use it?

At the back of the nappy there is an opening "pocket." Inside this pocket you can see the sewn in absorbency, this sewn in pad holds approx 177ml.  On top of the staydry lining are two poppers where you attach the additional booster, this booster is also covered in the same grey stay dry lining. This second booster holds approx 184ml.  For a very young baby you would normally use just the sewn in absorbency.

Nappy Fabric

The outer waterproof shell is made from 100% Polyester.

The sewn in absorbency is a combination of 25% bamboo and 75% polyester.

The snap in additional absorbency pad is 45% bamboo and 55% polyester

Drying time for the nappy is slow due to the sewn in booster,  the nappy can dry 1-2 days slower than the La Petite Ourse pocket nappy.


La Petite Ourse
Drying Speed
Fairly Slim
Change Speed
Ease of Use
Day or Night
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La Petite Ourse
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