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Low Rise Period Pants

This is our collection of low rise period pant. Modern, young stylish cut. Popular for sports and with younger people.

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What are Period Underwear?

Also known as period pants, period panties, period proof underwear or reusable period pants. They look like regular underwear but are designed to absorb period flow and give period protection or even give you pee protection for light leaks. It always surprises people how they absorbed fluid efficiently.

They can be worn for up to 8 hours a day and is a great alternative to disposable period products like tampons and pads. Can be used for days, nights and long shifts, i've used them on a long haul flights. They come in different absorbencies and cover a large size range. They are available in Light Flow Medium flow, Heavy Flow and  Super Heavy Flow.

Period Pant Brands

Cheeky Pants are well know for their low rise period pants in the Feeling Sporty low rise. Wuka and Love Love are also very well known brands and also make teen options.

Which ever brand you choose they will be eco-friendly, no nasty chemicals, easy to wash, let you sleep better, no chaffing and leak free due to the inner absorbent lining and waterrproof layer.

Period Pants Styles

Period pants come in many styles and this page is for low rise period underwear. The pants all sit lower and are popular for sports and for younger people and women. Cheeky Pants are a popular style for teens and are at a popular budget price for a first period and come from the makers of Cheeky Wipes.

You will find your perfect period pants at The Period Lady whether you are buying for teens getting their first period or you are an experienced menstruator.


While the cut of the low rise period pants tends to mean they don't have the very highest absorbency, low rise pants offer a range from light to heavy flow protection.

Low Rise Period Pants Fabrics

Period pants come in a variety of materials from fine cotton, polyester and super soft bamboo.


How to wash period pants?

Its simple! Rinse your period underwear in cold water once you have removed them, then pop them in the wash at the end of your period  on a machine wash cold with detergent but no bleach or fabric softener. Ideally air dry or hang dry on the line and only use the tumble dryer occassionally. We have a more detailed wash guideline that you can read .