Merula Menstrual Cup

Merula Menstrual Cup


The Merula Cup is a really popular menstrual cup due to it's unusual shape which makes it suitable for so many people. It does not matter if you have weak or strong pelvic floor muscles the Merula cup stays where it belongs.  The Merula cup can be worn folded and does not have to open completely, even if you have really strong pelvic floor muscles you will not make the cup lose it's shape. The Merula cup is round, with a rigid edge and a thin, soft body.  The Merula cup is made out of 100% medical-grade silicone and produced in Germany. The stem on the cup is usual and different to other menstrual cups, it is an adaptable, three-rung stem that can be shortened to ensure an individual, optimally comfortable length. 

1x Merula Cup in your chosen size Onesize/XL and colour.
1x small cotton pouch in coordinating colours to your cup.
1x Instruction Leaflet

The Merula cup comes in two sizes either standard onesize or XL.  So which one is right for you?

Merula Onesize
The Merula cup's unusual spherical shape means the Merula cup has a short height of only 39mm. This means the cup can easily be used if you have a low cervix however unusually it is also suitable if you have a high cervix due to the long ladder shaped stem.  This versatility is really useful if you find your cervix height changes throughout your period. Measuring the height of your cervix before using the cup for the first time is not necessary. Simply decide which length of the stem would be perfect for you.  You can adapt by cutting one of the two levels from the stem. The Merula cup has a very large capacity up to 38ml which is the equivalent of 2 large tampons.  The diameter is from 40-46mm. Merula Onesize adapts perfectly to your body and is ideal for light or heavy bleeding.

Merula XL
The Merula XL has a VERY large capcity of up to 50ml and comes with a diameter of 46mm and is perfect if you have very heavy bleeding.  The capacity is on average the equivalent of 2 standard menstrual cups or 2.5 large tampons. The Merula XL has a cup height of 50mm and is designed for use with medium to high cervix. It comes with two rungs on the ladder stem so you can adapt it to fit your perfect needs. If your cervix is exceptionally low or you feel your vagina is exceptionally tight then the Merula Cup XL may be too large for you, in this case we recommend you stick with the Merula Onesize Cup instead.


Brand:  Merula
Made In:  Germany
Capacity to Rim:  38ml


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