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Merula menstrual cup is one of our best selling cups. Shop their cup and accessories.
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Merula Menstrual Cup

Merula Menstrual cup is incredibly versatile and produced in Germany.

Due to their clever design they are suitable for a high cervix and a low cervix. Just alter the ladder length to suit your needs.

The round shape is also means it's suitable for those with strong and weak pelvic floors. The cup will not collapse or lose it's shape with use. No worry about leaking you can rely your Merula cup!


Merula menstrual cups comes in two sizes to choose from regular and for those with very heavy periods XL. Merula cups are one of the high capacity cups on the market.


Available in a variety of colours including best selling pink, mystical black (my favourite) or even just clear. At The Period Lady we keep all sizes and colours in stock.


Clean and wash with mild soap and water between wearing. Sanitise at the end of your cycle before storage in a cotton bag or breathable container. When storing your cup you should protect it from direct sunlight so in a cotton bag away from a window is perfect.

Thanks to the Merula Cupscup, you can now clean and sterilise your menstrual cup quickly, easily, and effectively right in the microwave – both after your periods and as often as desired in between. Following sterilising once the menstrual cup has cooled down, it can immediately be used again as it's ready to go or stored in the small breathable cotton bag until your next period.

Eco Friendly

Have an eco period. Save waste by using a menstrual cup. One cup regularly lasts up to 10 years!