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Merula Cup Bundle

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This bundle contains two popular Merula products

Merula Cup- Merula Cup is a very popular menstrual cup due to it's unusual shape making it suitable for so many people. It does not matter if you have weak or strong pelvic floor muscles the Merula cup stays in place. The stem on the cup is usual and has an adaptable ladder stem.

Merula Cupscup- the cup for your cup. Thanks to the Merula Cupscup, you can now clean your menstrual cup quickly, easily, and effectively right in the microwave – both after your periods and as often as desired in between. The Merula Cupscup fits almost all common menstrual cups that can be boiled for cleaning.


Medical Grade Silicone
Capacity to Rim
Reg 38ml / XL 50ml
Capacity @ holes
Reg 38ml / XL 50ml
Stem Length
Reg 33mm / XL 25mm
Overall Length exc Stem
Reg 39mm / XL 50mm
Reg 46mm / XL 45mm
Overall Firmness
Made In
The Nappy Lady
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