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Muslins Newborn Nappy Complete Kit

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Muslin Kit Overview

Our complete muslins newborn kit is a one click purchase for everything you'll need to get started using muslins as newborn nappies.

Muslins make excellent value nappies for the first few weeks, once they are outgrown the muslins will continue to be put to great use as burp cloths, mopping up spills, boosters and eventually mine got downgraded 15 years later to cleaning cloths!  

Muslins have a surprising degree of absorbency, are also extremely slim line and very shape versatile. That's why we so frequently recommend them as a newborn nappy.


Kit Contents

What does each kit component do?

  • Muslins provide the absorbency, they are the nappy part
  • Wraps provides the waterproofing.  The wrap is placed over the folded muslin nappy to keep the wetness inside.
  • Nappi Nippas secure the muslin - a modern form of nappy pin without the risk of scratching
  • Bambinex Paper Liners - This kit comes with one roll of 100 Bambinex disposable paper liners  which are the best for dealing with newborn poo.

We sell the Bambinex paper liners separately so you can buy more if you want to continue to use these. The other option are reusable fleece liners, these aren't in the kit but if you prefer this option they can be bought separately.


70cm x70cm - The perfect size for folding into the Jo fold for newborns.

How do I use it?

Muslins when used as newborn nappies give you enough absorbency for 2-2.5 hours. This is the recommended change frequency for a newborn regardless if they are using disposable nappies or reusable. Muslins absorbency perfectly matches this change frequency and ensures baby is kept to the correct change schedule for their age.

When using muslins as newborn reusable nappies you first need to fold them. The very best fold for folded muslins is the Jo Fold.  The Jo Fold is incredibly easy to fold and is super adjustable to alter the length as baby grows. The Jo Fold also concentrates the absorbency in the middle where newborns either boys or girls need the most absorbency.

Once folded the MuslinZ muslins is held in place with a Nappi Nippa.  Nippas are very simple to use and after a few practices putting a nappy on a teddy bear you'll be an expert. No risk of scratching baby or poking them with a nappy pin.


100% Cotton Muslins

Wraps - Poly urethenelaminate

The wraps will be a variety of type/unisex colours/prints all suitable for use with muslins and fitting up to 12lbs.The photo is for illustrative purposes only

If you're new to reusable nappies have a read of our article "how often to change a reusable nappy"


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1 Review:

Excellent newborn bundle
21 April 2021  | 

I’m absolutely delighted with this newborn nappy kit. The selection of wraps are lovely, cheerful and unisex, and includes a mixture of rikkis and airflows in XS and S. Having completed TNL questionnaire, this particular combination of nappies was recommended to me, so I was over the moon to see the kit with 20% off in reusable nappy week! I also love the fact it includes everything, so I didn’t need to think about it. Thank you to The Nappy Lady for putting such a thoughtful kit together and offering it at a brilliant price.

Baby hasn’t arrived yet so I can’t comment on containment or washing, but having used Motherease in the past, I’m confident about the quality and performance. I’d highly recommend to others.

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