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The Nappy Lady exclusive beginners bundle gives you a range of the key types of nappies:

Two Part Nappy - Little Lamb Bamboo Nappy used with the Little Lamb wrap.
High absorbency, excellent containment but very slow drying.

All In One - Little LoveBum Quickdry
Ultra simple to use as close as you can get to a disposable.  Quick drying but average containment and absorbency.

Pocket Nappy - Baba and Boo Onesize
Simple to use, average drying speed, economical offers adjustable absorbency and fit through the 2 inserts that come with the system.

Nappy Liners - Disposable Bambinex Nappy Liners
Makes changing pooey nappies easier and keeps baby feeling a little drier.

Nappy Bag
For storing soiled nappies in.



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