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Quickdry Little Lovebum All In One Nappy
Quickdry Little Lovebum All In One Nappy
Quickdry Little Lovebum All In One Nappy
Quickdry Little Lovebum All In One Nappy

Quickdry Little Lovebum All In One Nappy

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Product Details

Little Lovebum Quickdry Nappy Overview

Little Lovebum quickdry is one of our best selling all in one nappies.  The quickdry is stocked in the new version 2 which offers:

  • longer tabs
  • white athletic wicking jersey
  • soft stretchy PUL

The Little LoveBum Quickdry V2 is quick-to-dry all-in-one nappy is made with athletic wicking jersey staydry layer which keeps baby feeling dry. The absorbent core is made of microfibre ideal for those with limited drying facilities.



The Little Lovebum quickdry is a OSFM nappy, which means that one size fits most, so it is suitable from baby to toddler (approximately 10-35lbs/4-16kgs). As with all birth to potty/onesize nappies there is a compromise on fit at the lower end of the weight range. If you want to use cloth nappies from birth, you may prefer to use the Little Lovebum Newbie nappy, or an even cheaper option are folded muslin nappies. We have lots of details about folding muslins in our advice section if you'd like to consider this option. Once baby outgrows their newborn nappies around 12lbs, they would easily be able to move into the Onesize nappies. Overall the nappy is a generous length so an option for taller children.


How do I use it?

Being an all in one nappy there is no stuffing required as the absorbency is fully attached inside. It is a great no-fuss option as it needs no prepping, folding or stuffing and dries quickly and easily on a clothes line.

Little LoveBum Quickdry fastens using double popper closures, has crossover poppers for smaller babies and hip poppers which prevent wing-droop and leakage. We find the poppers strong and great for staggering sizes so you can adjust the waist and legs so a tighter waist and looser legs. The length of the nappy is adjusted using poppers on the front to make the nappy smaller while baby needs the nappy in a shorter length.

Read our article for more information and photos on how to adjust one size nappies.


Nappy Fabric

The absorbency is reasonable for a quick drying fabric nappy however as your baby gets older it's normal to expect to boost these nappies and this can easily be popped inside for heavier wetters.

The outermost part is made from TPU which is waterproof so no cover is needed.

What else do I need?

Nothing! The nappy comes with everything you need, so you just change the whole nappy each time with no other parts needed. You can add a fleece or paper liner if you prefer, for ease of cleaning a dirty nappy.


Little Lovebum
Drying Speed
Change Speed
Extremely Quick
Ease of Use
Very Simple
Requires a Wrap?
Day or Night
Day only
Made In
Little Lovebum
Care & Warranty

Little Lovebum Care Guide

  • Prewash Items. Note - nappies made from hemp or bamboo require 6 washes before they reach full absorbency.
  • Remove solids. Heavily soiled nappies may need a rinse before storing in dry pail/waterproof bag. Store for a maximum of 3 days.
  • prewash nappies on a rinse cycle or with half a dose of detergent.
  • wash at 40-60 degrees using recommended dose of detergent according to instruction.
  • Line dry, being sure to keep the PUL out of direct sunlight. 

Little Lovebum Warranty

Little Lovebum offers a 6 month guarantee against manufacturing faults. The 6 month guarantee starts from when the item was purchased, not first used. If you believe you have an item with a manufacturing fault, you will need to contact us with details and photos of the fault. We will confirm your purchase date from our records. Little Lovebum may require the items to be inspected before a warranty decision is made, we will inform you if this is required in your case.  Little Lovebum warranty decision is final.

Little Lovebum Warranty is VOID when:

  • Using harsh stain removers, biological detergents or bleaching
  • Boil washing
  • Continually tumble drying on a warm or hot heat, or directly on radiators or similar
  • Adding vinegar or sodium bicarbonate to the wash

Slight relaxing of elastics, variances in snaps, snags, fading in fabric, are not considered a manufacturing defect.

Little Lovebum decision on any warranty claim is final.


Please Note: The tabs are not colour-fast and will need to be washed separately for the first few washes to remove any loose dyes.

Customer Reviews (28)
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28 Reviews:

Love these nappies
20 January 2024  | 

I absolutely love these nappies, quick drying, easy to put on and a good fit for my chunky one year old. Also really good containment, never had any leaks. Beautiful patterns too, I canít fault them.

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Annoying to rinse and leaked
26 October 2022  | 

I bought one of these to compare with the Motherease Wizard Duo and I wasn't that impressed. Poo got into the bit between the cover and insert and was fiddly to rinse, and the lack of a leg popper meant I've had a couple of leaks. It's been relegated to the emergency nappy pile.

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Great nappy
27 July 2022  | 

This was the first cloth nappy we tried and it is fantastic! Due to weird circumstances at one point it was on for more than 5hrs and have had no leaks so it's awesome! Good fit for my 6mo, tall, chunky bubba.

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Really happen with my bargain purchase
27 July 2022  | 

I got a bunch of these on sale and they've been a great purchase. Quicker drying and easier to use than the more expensive pocket nappies in my stash means these are the ones which get the most regular use

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Really pleased with this purchase.
27 July 2022  | 

A great nappy! Very good value, easy to put on and adjust, no leaks and dries quickly.

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One of my favourites
24 April 2022  | 

I love this AIO. One of the things that I like of this nappy is that it's not bulky at all, and fits perfectly my baby. Moreover, it is really easy (and fast) to arrange. And as its name states, it dries quickly (around 24h indoors). Regarding its containment, I have used it with my 4mo baby during daytime and, so far, we haven't had any leak.

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In Love with Little Lovebum
18 April 2022  | 

I love these nappies and use them full time. I have limited space to dry things but these dry quickly so it doesnít matter. The containment is great, never had any leaks. They probably arenít as absorbent as some others because they do dry quickly but can easily be boosted if required. So many adjustment options & no worrying about tucking in at the knicker line. Just a quick easy change. Perfect for us.

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Very absorbent as is.
10 April 2022  | 

No need to boost as yet. I like that the absorbent part is a darker colour and I donít need to worry about stains. Nice and easy to put on as well. Great all round.

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Does as it says on the tin!
16 December 2021  | 

Gorgeous nappy prints and so easy to use. Coffee brown inner lining is handy to prevent staining, although we always use a liner as an extra protection. They dry so quickly on a heated towel rail (within an hour).
My only criticism is in getting the right fit, but this could also be due to our little baby being quite small. Also I think this would be the case with any all-in-one nappy.

Sometimes I have left it overnight and no leakages thus far! Overall we love the various prints, the quickdry, slimfit and ease of use. We got a bundle in the black Friday sale- recommend others to purchase, perhaps in the January sale.

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Generous fit
12 December 2021  | 

A good option for a larger baby but not as soft as Baba and Boo.

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Great value, excellent nappy.
15 November 2021  | 

I bought a number of all-in-one style nappies to try from a few brands, and these ones tied for my favourite with Wizard Unos. They air dried quicker than the other brands in my flat, and have been able to contain newborn breastfed poo explosions with no leaks. My only small complaint with these is that they can be a little tricky to get the correct fit and feel a little bulky around the legs on the size we're using at the moment. My baby is a big 9 week old at 14 lbs, but perhaps they'll be a bit more streamlined as she grows. No issues with them fitting under her clothes compared to disposables.

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Better than expected and now our go to!
23 August 2021  | 

We love tots bots but needed a quick dry option and were prepared to sacrifice absorbency for drying time to stop us from going to disposables when Iíd put a wash load on too late and we were out of dry nappies. These quick dry nappies dry in less than 24 hours in our house and I havenít had a leak yet. Iíve also been using them from just 2 pre washes! Iíve now boosted my stash with 5 of these. My baby is tall with the chunkiest thighs and the fit is brilliant on her. They look slim under her clothes and I love the patterns. No regrets here!

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Non bulky and easy to use
02 June 2021  | 

I was searching for a non bulky, easy to put on reusable nappy for my 2nd centile 8 month old. We had used muslinz and wraps up until now but she was growing out of them. My OH was finding it difficult to use nippa nappas and preferred popper nappies and he was going to do much of the childcare soon as I return to work. Some of the BTP all in ones were either still too big or bulky or leaked.

A friend gave us a couple of these and they fitted, werenít bulky and didnít leak (unless you kept them on for more than 3-4 hours). The great thing is they dry fairly quickly too. So we purchased more from the nappy lady. Very happy with them, they do occasionally leak if weíve left them on too long but I think these will be great for sending her to nursery with. Sheís wiggling a lot at this age so itís getting difficult to put on nappies that use nippa nappas anyways.

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Quick drying all in one
19 May 2021  | 

Iíve found using this nappy a little awkward on my daughter (9 months), as I donít seem to be able to get the poppers just right. I really like the all in one style, much easier to get on a wriggly baby. But I donít think the poppers offer much customisation to fit her belly. Iíve had a few leaks with these, but Iím still learning and hopefully will find the poppers combo that works for us.

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Great value, quick drying nappy. Better for larger babies.
08 May 2021  | 

Customer review of free product

This nappy really is quick drying (like the name suggests), it had an impressively short drying time. That does mean it isn't the most absorbent nappy I've ever tried, but we just about got to 3 hours. Heavy wetters would need to add a booster.

The nappy is generously cut so lots of room for larger or tall children, however that did make it hard to fit neatly on my tall but 25th centile toddler. I don't think it would have fit him well when he was younger.

This nappy is relatively cheap compared to other brands, so I think is really good value. And of course, great prints from Little LoveBum.

Overall, I like it, and I think it would be great for larger babies. However, I prefer the fit of the Little LoveBum Popper and Pocket on my slimmer baby.

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Looks great
04 March 2021  | 

Lovely looking pattern. I don't find myself grabbing this nappy though and I think it just me. I worry it won't hold enough but it hasn't leaked yet. I havent found it dries faster than my totsbots all in one or close pop ins. Very neat nappy and definitely good for someone who doesn't want the faf of layers and boosters etc. Would also be good for nursery. Never tried overnight

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Dries quickly, leaks a bit with a big wee
24 December 2020  | 

Nicely designed and dried quickly, but we find it leaks around the side of the legs.. it's possible our baby is still a bit small, but I did think the absorbent lining was maybe a little bit wide.

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Super quick drying
21 December 2020  | 

Really nice and quick to use, inserts all attached so no faffing about when washing. Not super absorbent so definitely a day nappy but dries really fast. Also quite like the brown absorbent bits which donít show the neon poo stains as much!

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Good containment
18 December 2020  | 

Lovely prints and containment is good up to 3 hours. Containment is slightly better in the non quickdry but obviously takes longer to dry!

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Quick dry, easy fit, lovely prints
15 December 2020  | 

I really like this nappy and wish I had more. The fit is very easy and it dries super quickly. I do mostly boost them if I want it to last a few hours but it's much quicker to pop a booster underneath than stuffing a pocket nappy.

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Excellent for the price
08 December 2020  | 

Was very pleasantly surprised with this nappy. Very quick drying, easy to use, and really pretty designs! The nappies havenít leaked so far, Iím finding that I go for these quicker than I go for my Wizard Unos!

Will 100% buy this nappy again.🤗

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Quickdry indeed
29 October 2020  | 

I purchased one of these to try as we were approaching winter and the return of the dreaded clothes airers. I Was actually really surprised at how quick these do really dry. We also managed a day of sunshine so I got it out on the line and the drying time was ridiculous, these nappies and a summer baby would be an absolute dream!
Weíve never had any containment issues but Iíve given it 4 stars as Iím just not keen on the patterns which is down to personal preference. I wish they would release some nicer styles as Iíd be then really tempted to stock up but Iíve been put off buying anymore as I donít find them very pleasing on the eye. Of course, this is me being picky and they are a great nappy if you need things dry in a hurry.

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Fab fit and excellent value for money
27 August 2020  | 

I bought a couple of these AIOs to try and Iím so glad I did! Fantastic fit for my long, slim 8 month old. I prefer popper nappies as they always seem more longer-wearing then the Velcro/Aplix styles, and the placement of these ones work especially well for my daughter. I was also pleasantly surprised to see that they really are Ďquickdryí...drying in just a couple of hours on the line. Good absorbency but I tend to put in a hemp booster to get a bit longer out of them. No leaks so far! They look and feel really good quality so I think theyíll last the distance.
Oh, and lovely designs too!!!! Iíll definitely be buying more.

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Quick to dry - like the name!
31 July 2020  | 

We love the Little Lovebum Quickdry. We add a hemp booster and it lasts for ages whilst also having the anti-odour benefits - and being quick to dry. The clue is in the title!

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Favourite nappy!
27 July 2020  | 

Ordered 2 to try and they have ended up our favourites! Hubby loves them as well as they are so easy to use. Fit is excellent with them and get a good wear out of them with no leaks.

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02 July 2020  | 

These nappies work so well for us! Really slim, quick drying, they last at least 3 hours and very easy to boost if needed. The materials are good quality and they seem comfy for my little girl. Even grandparents can use them as they fit just like a disposable nappy, and we have never had a leak. Try one!

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Love these
01 July 2020  | 

We love these nappies. They're sturdy, feel well made and look fantastic on and off baby's bum. The PUL feels thick and as though it will really last. The fit on our long lean one year old is great. All the poppers mean lots of flexibility. I wouldn't say he's a very heavy wetter but he certainly does his fair share of peeing and we get around 3 hours out of these unboosted. He's had some massive poos and the nappy has kept them under wraps (groan) then too. We tried 2 of them and then promptly bought another dozen. We also tried the Everyday hemp/bamboo ones but drying is an issue for us and they were that tiny bit too slow (we live somewhere very sunny and hot so outdoor drying time is limited) plus because he's small we found they bunched up a bit between his legs so we had some leaks. These sit better for him.

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Best value nappy
15 June 2020  | 

I like the generous sizing of Little lovebum nappies and feel confident they will last until potty training. The PUL feels thicker but the nappy is still easy to fit and looks slim on. I had hoped the quick dry would dry overnight but I find that it needs a full day (on an airer indoors). I tend to boost these with a slim hemp booster to make it last 2 hours, but I love that boosters can self eject so no messing prior to washing. Very good value in comparison to other brands. Perhaps worth trying one first before investing in more.

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