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Fleece Liners by Bambinex

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Bambinex Fleece Liners Overview

Bambinex Fleece Liners are one of our customers favourite cloth nappy liners. The Fleece Liners are fabulous at providing an effective stay dry layer as well as a poo catcher. Bambinex fleece liners are wonderful thick quality fleece but at an affordable price. There is no right way up or down with fleece liners you can put them in either way.

Washable nappy liners allow urine to pass through but not come back up therefore helping to keep baby's skin dry.

Some nappies are already fleece lined so you don't need to add a separate fleece liner. If your nappy isn't fleece lined then you can add the Bambinex Fleece Liners in as a separate liner.

You will need 1 fleece liner for every nappy that needs one.

Fleece liners are washed with your reusable nappies in the same wash cycle so don't need to be treated any differently.

Read more information about nappy liners in our advice article "Do I need a liner in my reusable nappy?"

Sizing & Pack Sizes

Bambinex fleece liners are approx 15x29cm which is a perfect size for one size nappies.

Bambinex fleece liners come in packs of 20 but we also split packs into 10s or singly.

Fleece Liner Fabric

100% polyester fleece (similar to fine clothing fleece, not sheep fleece!

Please Note

Fleece does need to be prewashed a couple of times, otherwise liquid runs off it rather than through it.


Morag's Story - why I converted to fleece liners

Let me tell you a bit about the event which converted me to fleece liners, having always been pretty sceptical when others raved about them:

I flew to Orkney with my first son, and he did not do his usual morning poo before we left (normally as regular as clockwork), so we had it hanging over us like the Sword of Damocles all morning.  At Gatwick, I changed him again, in case he had sneakily done it en route - no poo.  By the time we got to Aberdeen, he finally decided to perform, at which point I realised I had used my only spare nappy and the rest were on the plane.  The nappy itself had plenty more capacity for wee - the only problem was the dirty liner.  However, luckily I had put on a fleece liner rather than a flushable one. I say 'luckily' because fleece has the following huge advantages:

Large Coverage

Being quite large, it covers the whole nappy area, and so poo is far less likely to even hit the nappy in the first place (with paper liners, they can tend to move out of the firing line once baby is old enough to wriggle).

No Staining

Being quite thick, no staining goes through to the nappy once your baby is weaned.  This means that if your child poos in a fresh nappy, you can just replace the fleece. You couldn’t really do this with a flushable liner.  Also, this protects the nappy somewhat from the curry stains a pre-weaning breastfed baby is so fond of producing.

Staydry Barrier

Being 100% polyester, the liner is completely non-absorbent, and so provides an effective stay-dry layer. Not essential by any means, but parents seem to like it, and it is certainly nice to keep a very wet night nappy at bay.  It also cleans easily and dries immediately, so on our trip to Orkney I was able to drop the poo into the loo, hand wash the fleece and wring it dry then blast it under the hand drier for a few seconds before putting it back on the nappy for reuse.  Twice, thanks to a repeat performance by Bob!

No Ongoing Costs

Once you have bought them, there are no ongoing liner costs or the hassle of making sure you don’t run out.  Poo drops off a fleece liner very easily into the toilet for the most part.  Even relatively squidgy ones will usually drop off if you turn the liner over into an upside down rainbow shape and wiggle your hands a bit.  If the worst comes to the worst, “picking” at one end of the poo with a piece of toilet paper is usually enough to start it peeling itself off (how much detail do you really want on “poo management”?!).  Actually, the easiest thing to do is just to drop the fleece into the loo and leave it for a few minutes.  When you lift it out, most of the poo will have come off anyway - the only risk is, you might forget it’s there and flush it away.



Drying Speed
Pack Size
1, 10 or 20
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Care & Warranty

Bambinex Care Guide

  • Prewash all absorbent parts 3 times before first use.
  • If you use a nappy cream you must always use a paper liner.
  • Store the nappy in a dry lidded bucket for 2 days.
  • Put through a rinse cycle before the main wash
  • You can wash at 40 or 60 deg
  • Use Non-Bio Powder Detergent or Bambinex Washing Detergent and do not exceed recommended dose.
  • Do not use liquid detergent or Marseille/Natural soap
  • No harsh stain removers, bleach, essential oils, perfumes or vinegar
  • No fabric softeners. They will reduce absorbency.
  • Ideally line dry or tumble dry on cool.


Bambinex Warranty

If you believe you have a faulty Bambinex product please contact us with details of the issue and photos and we will liaise with Bambinex so they can assess your warranty claim and arrange replacements if appropriate.

Bambinex products must be washed following their guidance otherwise product warranty is void.

Bambinex decision on any warranty claim is final.


Customer Reviews
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2 Reviews:

Wish I'd bought sooner!
11 May 2021  | 

We've been using paper liners on our bab since birth but invested around 4 months to help her feel drier for longer - wish I'd got them sooner as they feel really soft and dry even on a sopping nappy. Lost one star as they did seem huge initially but have shrunk quite a bit (to a good size now) - I do tumble dry them for speed. Suspect I may need to revert to disposable liners once she starts weaning unfortunately.

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Much better than the disposable ones
23 March 2019  | 

So far we've tried the spun lace disposable liners. And these fleece ones. We now only use the fleece ones. For runny newborn poo they're a brilliant barrier to the main nappy. And for wet nappies they let the water through so the nappy feels dryer for baby.

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