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Nappy Liners Sample Pack by The Nappy Lady

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The Nappy Liner Sample Pack made by The Nappy Lady™ contains a total of 20 disposable paper nappy liners. Try out all the nappy liners, find your favourite and then order your favourite with confidence.


5 sheets of each type of the best selling nappy liners we stock, plus a single fleece liner.

  • Bambinex Paper Liners (best seller)
  • Mother-ease bamboo liners (largest coverage overall)
  • Messless Liners by Bambino Mio (very soft)
  • Little Lamb Paper Liners (economy option)

*If a liner is out of stock we'll make up the pack with extras or swap to the closest alternative - (very very rarely happens)



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9 Reviews:

27 November 2022  | 

Great to be able to try before you buy. Went with the Mio liners in the end and found some to avoid!

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Great idea! Very helpful!
21 July 2017  | 

We found this very helpful when trying to decide which flushable liners to use in our nappies. A great way to 'try before you buy'!

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Very handy!
19 February 2017  | 

A great idea to enable you to try out different types of liner to see what suits your baby best. We liked the Little Lamb and Bambino Mio ones most.

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Great sample
13 March 2015  | 

A brilliant idea if you're not sure which liners to get, I especially liked the bambinex ones.

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A good trial pack
23 March 2014  | 

Wow, who knew there would be such variation in nappy liners! This is a good selection for trying different liners as they are all so different. I have a newborn in cloth at the moment so realistically the liners don't do much right now but further down the line this pack would be more useful. Having said that ,I wouldn't have known that disposable liners weren't necessarily useful for a newborn without this sample kit.

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great idea of choice
26 September 2013  | 

Great sample and enough of each to use each one a few times and decide which is best for you.
Great idea!

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Sample Kit
13 August 2013  | 

Thought this was a great idea as it allowed me to compare and contrast the liners.

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06 June 2013  | 

very useful to have mixed sample pack especially when first starting out as there are so many different products out there

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16 May 2013  | 

I did like the sample very much. There is so much choice so you don't really know what to choose and then you may end up with 100 unwanted liners. They clearly singed and you have 5 of each so plenty of time to check how they perform. Would definitely recommended this to a friend

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