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Traditional plastic (or PVC) nappy covers/pants that you can still unfortunately buy on the high street are, quite frankly, disgusting and should be outlawed! You would not wear them yourself, so why make your baby wear them?  Most importantly, plastic pants are hot and sweaty, and they tend to leave painful red marks on the waist and legs. Because of this environment, sweat rashes easily develop, especially with night nappies. They may seem very cheap, but because they go hard so easily and need to be replaced, it is a very misleading economy. Bear in mind that the German research warning of the effect on sperm of the overheated atmosphere of a disposable applies just as much to an overheated cotton nappy - which will be the case if plastic or PVC wraps are used. You WILL NOT find any of these types of pants on our website so please shop in confidence we ONLY stock modern breathable ones.


You will need as a minimum at least three wraps  at each size, to allow for one on, one in the wash and another for accidents. We recommend you have a ratio of 1 wrap for every 4 nappies that fit at each stage to ensure you don't run out.  The younger the baby the more you are likely to need in 24hours.

I would recommend using the same cover pant for no more than 12 hours or so at a time. So, assuming you wash every day, your baby will wear one wrap overnight, another the next day. This assumes that you choose a wrap with a laminant interior, which you can simply wipe down each nappy change if you wish.

As a general rule cover pants should not be sanitised or tumble dried, as this may damage the waterproofing. Some can be tumble dried on low, but it is rarely worth the risk, as they usually dry very quickly.

When you put the cover pants on, feel around the top and the legs to make sure it completely covers the nappy, otherwise the wet will wick out onto clothes.

You also get a choice of nappy wraps that fit birth to potty or sized options.  Sized options are more expensive as you need to replace them as baby grows. The fit however is MUCH better at each stage which in turn makes them far more reliable.  You are also spreading the wear across your nappy system so if you have more children the wraps will be in better condition.  

Our best selling wraps for over 18years are the Motherease covers. Motherease covers are truly wick resistant. Wicking is where the outer wrap picks up moisture from the nappy underneath (like if you put the corner of a tea towel in a mug of water the water would slowly travel through the tea towel).  Many other wraps claim to be wick resistant and some are very good but NEVER as good as Motherease.  We're not being paid to say how good Motherease wraps are, we just wholehearted believe they are fabulous!  If anyone ever comes to us with a leaking nappy and we know they are using a Motherease wrap (in the correct size) we can guarantee we need to look at the nappy as the issue and not the wrap.  My own Motherease wraps bought for my first child lasted him, his two siblings, lent to friends, hire kits and now lurking in our demo kit. People never believe it when I tell them they are over 12 years old.

If you are on a budget don't compromise on the quality of your wrap but compromise on the nappy underneath. An excellent wrap will make even the cheapest nappy work.

If you're interested in Wool wraps ready our separate wool wraps article here.

Rosemary Arno
Sunday, 5 June 2016  |  12:43

When my children were small we used cloth nappies covered with a plastic snib - a tie on plastic pant which didn't leave red marks and which fitted beautifully round the nappy avoiding spillage. Any idea where these can be obtained from.

Thursday, 28 July 2016  |  12:37

We used to sell tie on wraps but many years ago. We have no sources for this product any more. You'll find modern wraps are far more breathable.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018  |  20:23

Hi I am due to deliver soon (early) for sga baby
I have terries nappies what size motherese would I need ?

Saturday, 7 April 2018  |  21:27

You'd need the small airflow from birth, then the medium airflow and later on around 9months the large size.

Friday, 5 April 2019  |  23:35

Do you need these if your reusable laundry say the outer is waterproof ?confused

Thursday, 23 May 2019  |  14:45

No, these are only for nappies that don't have a build in waterproof layer

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