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Parts of a Nappy System

Thursday, 23 July 2015

There is a massive diversity of cloth nappy styles, this can make then seem more complex than they really are. That’s what this website is all about, and why we encourage you to let us give you advice and hold your hand while you make your decision. If you are new to the idea of using a washable cloth nappy system then I will briefly explain the different parts.

Component Parts - Starting From The Outside

1) Wrap. This is the waterproof part of the system which stops the clothes getting wet. It is an essential part of EVERY nappy system


2) Nappy.  Inside the wrap you have the nappy, which absorbs the wee and contains the poo. The nappy can either be shaped or flat (for you to fold). Nappies are either available as a sized system, needing maybe 2 or 3 sizes from birth to toilet training, or as a birth to potty system which is one size of nappy and is adjustable to fit for the entire nappy wearing period.


3) Liner. Inside the nappy and against the baby’s bottom you have the liner, which is designed to catch the poo while wee passes through to the nappy. Liners are either washable or disposable. They are not theoretically essential, but make dealing with pooey real nappies much easier.


4) Booster.  At night, most babies need extra absorbency and this is provided with a booster. Some birth to potty nappies have daytime boosters which can be popped in or out according to the size of the baby and the absorbency required.

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