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Do Real Nappies Fit Baby Born Dolls?

Do Real Nappies Fit Baby Born Dolls?
There are lots of reusable nappies that are designed to fit newborn babies so they absolutely will fit your child's dolly or your Baby Born Doll.


All In One Nappies

All in one options are the most popular as they are simple to put on and offer beautiful prints.  The links below are the most popular baby doll all in one nappies.

£11.99  -  £12.99


Two Part Nappies

Two part nappies are a traditional nappy combination.  These are where you have a fabric nappy underneath and then a separate wrap over top. This combination is ideal for heavier wetting babies and night times.  The Bimbles are beautiful white nappies and then on the top choose a beautiful wrap.  The EcoPosh is a luxury super soft option for those dollys that need an extra special nappy.


Two Part Nappies

These wraps will go over the top of your nappy above.