Nappy Fitting Guide & Photo Bank

2 CommentsSaturday, 15 February 2020
Nappy Fitting Guides for Nurseries & Childcare Providers

Photo guides that can be copied and printed for you to give your nursery or childcare provider so they get your nappies fitted just right.

4 CommentsTuesday, 16 October 2018
Wing Droop - Nappy Fitting Problem

Wing droop is when the front panel of the nappy works it's way loose and slips down underneath the securing side tabs. This can cause the leaks to gape and not a snug seal at the tummy which usually leads to nappy leaks.

1 CommentThursday, 19 July 2018
Nappy Fitting Guides

Getting your nappies to fit right prevents leaks and irritation to babies skin. Cloth nappies fit entirely differently to disposables so it's easy to make some fitting mistakes when you first start out. We have some fitting guides to help you get the best fit from the start.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018
Nappy Fitting Photo Bank

Photos of various popular nappies fitting incorrectly and correctly to help give you a visual guide as to how they whould fit.

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