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Swimming with a larger baby or toddler

Are you taking a larger centile or newly potty trained toddler swimming?

Many swimming pools or swim schools require the use of a double layer nappy system for six months after potty training. However, your toddler may not fit in to a Happy Nappy any more, or may not want to wear something that looks like a nappy.

Splashabout Splash Jammers are designed to work in the same way as a Happy Nappy to prevent any potential poo leak in the pool, but in a more grown up and sporty design.

Underneath the Splash Jammers, you can use a reusable swim nappy, such as this one from Tots Bots. Or, if they no longer fit in to a nappy, any Speedo or bikini type pants would be suitable.

And what to use to dry your little dinosaur after swimming, but a Cuddleroar hooded towel? It's the perfect size to fit a toddler, soft and thick, and has a popper at the front, so will keep your toddler warm and cozy while they get dry.

Unfortunately, this towel won't get your toddler / dinosaur to stay still while you get dry! If you've got any tips for that!

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