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Nora Period Pants are a UK brand made in Scotland of organic cotton. Available in a variety of styles and absorbencies .

Nora Period Pants

Nora are a UK brand of reusable period products including period pads and menstrual cups.

Here you'll find Nora's selection of period pants which are made from soft organic cotton, a reliable waterproof layer to prevent leaks, a hidden slimline absorbent core made from a polyester absorbent layer plus a stay dry top layer to keep you feeling dry. Stretchy Elastane in the fabric ensures a perfect comfortable fit. Nora period wear looks just like regular underwear.

Life Changing!

With Nora reusable period pants you'll never need to use disposable pads or a disposable tampon again!

Reusable products really are life changing once you change you'll wonder why you ever used uncomfortable plastic disposable products to manage your period. Reduce waste and be more comfortable, have an eco friendly period.

How do you care for Nora washable period pants?

Period Pants are simple to wash. Simply rinse with cold water after wearing then store until wash day. Wash at 40deg on a long cotton wash with your regular detergent, do not use fabric softener. Air dry and reuse. It's really that simple.

But I have heavy periods...

Nora makes the highest absorbency period pants on the market, they are super absorbent. If you have a heavy flow choose the Nora Heavy Flow range, they will not let you down! Moderate flow is ideal for your average days.

Nora Period Pants can be used as back up or on it's own.

Period Pants are designed to be used on their own or as back up for a tampon, menstrual cup, menstrual discs or even reusable pads. The choice is yours

What does NORA stand for?

No Ordinary Rules Apply!