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Reusable period pants are the fastest growing menstrual product in the UK. At The Nappy Lady we stock the very best period pants. Period pants are super comfortable, moisture wicking and fit  just like everyday underwear except you wash period pants and reuse rather than throw away a disposable sanitary pad or single use products.


Period Proof Underwear is more absorbent than disposable menstrual products and often holds 3-4 tampons worth, reusable period knickers holds the absorbed fluid efficiently and give you leak proof underwear. This allows you to put one pair of clean period underwear on in the morning and not change until home from school or work.
Period knickers come in varying absorbency levels and many period underwear styles incluing classic bikini style, high waisted for extra protection. Period pants are also suitable for night time, trust your pants and get a good nights sleep. Pants are also made in super absorbent version offering high absorbency for heavier flows and heavy periods. Some pants offer just lighter absorbency for your lighter days or medium flow or ideal for a menstrual cup back up, or the end of your period days.

Whatever your cycle The Period Lady will have the best period underwear for you.

Back up for other menstrual products

Period underwear can be used on it's own as the only menstrual protector or as a back up for menstrual cups, tampons or sanitary pads. Pants can give you extra security and are a game changer for those with very heavy flows. Tweens, Teens and young adults are a big fan of pants as they are just like ordinary underwear.

Easy to wash

Period pants are easy to care for. Rinse in cold water, wash up to 40deg with normal detergent and no fabric softener then air dry.

Teens & Tweens

Suitable for everyone from young people getting their first period right up to menopause.