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Bear Bott All In Two Covers
Bear Bott All In Two Covers
Bear Bott All In Two Covers

Bear Bott All In Two Covers

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Product Details

Bear Bott All In Two Nappy System

Bear Bott All In Two (AI2) system needs two parts, the nappy cover PLUS an insert that poppers in.

This product page is just the cover and inserts are bought separately.

The Bear Bott All in two is a slim nappy consisting of two parts

  1. The Bear Bott nappy insert
  2. The Bear Bott AI2 nappy waterproof cover

The Bear Bott absorbent nappy insert poppers in and out of the Bear Bott waterproof cover to make a nappy that goes on in one simple step.

Bear Bott All in two cover

A low hip stability popper prevents leaks and fabric bunching. The outermost part of the nappy cover is high quality PUL (thermally bonded using heat, not chemicals) which makes the nappy waterproof, the inner layer of the nappy cover is faux suede cloth meaning only the softest of fabric is touching babies skin.

The Bear Bott nappy AI2 covers are highly adjustable with poppers at the waist including the option to cross the tabs over for a very small baby. There are also three levels of poppers on the front body of the nappy so you can adjust the length as baby grows.

The Bear Bott All In Two is very similar to the Bear Bott All In One except the All in 2 is better for longevity

Poppers are the most popular fastening for an "All In" system because as babies get older they often learn to undo Velcro but with poppers they don't usually have the strength or dexterity to open a poppered nappy.

Version 2 Design


The All-In-Two V2 nappy cover is made from two layers of high quality PUL (thermally bonded using heat, not chemicals) which makes the nappy waterproof and wipeable, making this a more cost effective version.


As the inner is wipeable with Version 2 covers you can use up to 4 inserts to 1 wrap (compared to version 1 which is 2 inserts to 1 wrap).  This means you need fewer wraps overall making your system cheaper.


Version 1 Design

The Bear Bott Version 1 AI2 cover is lined with faux suede cloth. The faux suede cloth lining can pick up wetness from a very wet insert so unlike other all in two systems you can't always just replace the inner pad and reuse the cover.  This is especially true with the bamboo inserts, the staydry inserts due to the nature of the fabric tend to keep the suede cloth drier. 

If your suede cloth is still clean and dry you can just pop in a new insert and reuse the cover, however if it's not then the wrap will need to be washed as well as the insert. 

The wrap will dry quicker than the inserts so as a rule you can have 2 bear botts inserts per cover and this helps to bring the overall cost of your system down. We sell spare bear botts inserts to purchase separately.




Advantages of all in twos

  • Bear Botts All in two also has the advantage over their all in ones that if your outer wrap becomes damaged or wears out you can easily replace this layer and continue to use the inner parts. 

  • As you can wash/dry the outer quicker than the inserts, you can have fewer covers than nappies so each nappy works out cheaper.

  • Change your insert to match your needs. Bear Bott all in two are available in either a bamboo insert of natural fibres or staydry inserts with quick drying polyester.



Bear Bott All In Two is a birth to potty nappy, as with any onesize nappy system there will be some compromise on fit.

The same nappy needs to fit a little baby and a big toddler. The compromise tends to be mainly at the lower end of the weight range, once baby reaches 10/12lbs most of this compromise on fit has passed as baby has filled out.

How many Bear Bott inserts and covers do I need?

As a guide with Version 1 you will need 1 Bear Bott Cover for every 2 Bear Bott inserts. 
As a guide with Version 2 you will need 1 Bear Bott Cover for every 4 Bear Bott inserts.

A full time set in Version 1 would be 20 inserts with 10 covers.
A full time set in Version 1 would be 20 inserts with 5 covers.


How do I use it?

The Bear Bott all in two cover is lined with suede cloth and if this remains clean/soil free you can immediately snap your spare insert into the cover to reuse it a second time. 

If the suede cloth has become soiled the cover will need washing before it can be reused, the covers dry very quickly and dry quicker than the inserts so a ratio of 2 inserts to 1 cover tends to work well.


Bear Bott
Made In
Bear Bott
Care & Warranty

Bear Bott Care Guide

Flush solids, rinse the nappy and store in a dry pail until it’s time to wash them. There is no need to soak nappies.

Wash your nappies every two or three days.

Pre-rinse nappies on a cold rinse cycle without washing powder. For your main wash cycle, use the recommended amount of washing powder for your load size. Use a long (at least two hour) wash cycle.

Bear Bott nappies can be washed at 40 or 60 degrees, however please be aware that continuous washing at 60 degrees may reduce the lifespan of your nappies.

Do not use fabric softener as this will reduce absorbency. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.

Line dry outside or rack dry inside, do not place on direct heat. Can be tumble dried on low if required. Please be aware that excessive tumble drying for long periods of time and on a high heat setting may reduce the lifespan of your nappies.

Bear Bott Warranty

Bear Bott offer a 12 month warranty from date of purchase, to the original purchaser only.

The warranty covers:

  • Poppers
  • Stitching
  • PUL
  • Zips

Their warranty does not cover (not limited to):

  • Normal wear and tear e.g. pilling, staining, faing, balding, holes in natural fibres, relaxed elastics
  • Leaks
  • Excessive wear and tear
  • Print placement
  • Washing above 60 degrees
  • Soaking, using bleach or fabric softeners
  • Accidental damage
  • Snags
  • Any type of modification


Customer Reviews (3)
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3 Reviews:

Brilliant, my favourite nappy!
29 August 2022  | 

Absolutely fabulous nappy wraps. They fit beautifully and feel like they are smooth and comfy against my baby’s skin. No leaks since using these! The prints are also beautiful.

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27 August 2021  | 

I wish these nappies were around when I clothed my first. Slim, brilliant containment, so soft, easy to use, quick drying and the prints are just gorgeous! Always the one I reach for first from my collection.

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Beautiful and efficient
06 February 2021  | 

Bearbotts have become my absolutely favourite. So slim and gorgeous, without sacrificing containment. 5 stars from this mum!

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