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V5 Bumgenius Original Pocket Nappy Birth to Potty
V5 Bumgenius Original Pocket Nappy Birth to Potty

V5 Bumgenius Original Pocket Nappy Birth to Potty

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Bumgenius V5 Original Pocket Nappy Overview

BumGenius V5 Original Pocket Nappy is a a long standing best selling nappy.  The original bumGenius pocket design was released in 2005 and put bumGenius on the map as one of the best-selling cloth diapers in the world.   The bumGenius V5 includes the same patented features that appear on all bumGenius nappies -patented features that really do give you the best fit.  

The V5 has the bumGenius insert stopper at the waist line which helps prevent leaks and maintains the perfect smooth fit at the front.

The patented stretchy tabs are fantastic and ensure the very bit fit. The stretchy tabs are so accommodating it's almost impossible to but this nappy on incorrectly.

The bumGenius is ideal for a nursery or childminder as it's so simple and quick to use. Although the fleece lining means you don`t have to use any additional liners your child care provider may prefer to use disposable paper liners inside the nappy for quick removal of solids and doing so will have no adverse effect on the performance of the nappy.


BumGenius V5 fits from 8-35lbs.

The waist fastens with poppers in my favourite vertical popper position. The vertical position holds the tabs firmly in place and minimises wing droop. The stretchy tabs also offer a highly versatile fit as the tabs stretch so you can angle the waist poppers for the perfect fit for your baby.

The nappy length is altered by the 3 x 3 poppers on the front to offer you small, medium and long length, the nappies grows with your baby.

How do I use it?

The nappy comes with two inserts one a newborn insert and a onesize insert. Newborn insert can be used for extra absorbency for heavy wetter.

Before putting the soiled nappy into the bucket remember to remove the insert from inside the nappy. This ensures when they are washed they get thoroughly cleaned and the water is spun out of them. Due to the removable inserts the bumGenius is very quick drying and remains soft to the touch even when air-dried.

Many parents stuff their pocket nappies once the inserts are dry from the wash so that the nappies are ready to go just like a disposable.

Read our article for more information and photos on how to adjust one size nappies.

Nappy Fabric

The inner fabric is a stretchy stay-dry inner fabric that stretches to provide a secure fit. The lining is super soft and wicks moisture away from delicate skin and a  pocket that is trim across the back.

For night time we recommend you use a two part nappy system for excellent night time reliability. You will only need 4-5 night time nappies and ideally 2 wraps. Excellent night time nappies are the Bumble, Bamboozles or Motherease wraps.

Wash dark colours separately, especially 'dazzle', for at least two washes until you are sure no colour is coming out of them.


Drying Speed
Super Fast
Fairly Slim
Change Speed
Very Quick
Ease of Use
Very Simple
Requires a Wrap?
Day or Night
Day only
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Customer Reviews (17)
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17 Reviews:

Love this
22 May 2022  | 

I like how slim fitting this was, and no leaks so far.

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A fantastic nappy
19 August 2020  | 

These have been excellent day nappies for us from day one. We began using them for our newborn and are now 18 months on and still using them! They have lasted well despite daily/then every other day washing. We get very few leakages and have never had any of those nappy explosions people using disposables talk about. A major plus of this brand and make is that they dry quickly due to the fabric and design with the pocket insert. We have a few Motherease Wizard Uno and they take much longer to dry. They also look great and we've had many comments from people impressed that a reusable nappy could look so smart and well made. A few of the seams on larger inserts are now splitting but not badly and could be mended easily with some sewing. I would still buy this brand and make over others if I needed more.

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Great quality but not for me
18 August 2020  | 

Good fit and very well made. There is a reason these are so popular. Is microfibre however. I prefer the absorbency and slim fit of the more natural fibres inserts of the Petite Crown and Seedling nappies.

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19 February 2020  | 

Bought a few as a top up for the many Bumgenius Original nappies still in use by my grandson now he has a baby sister. As she was 1lb lighter at birth than he was these do actually leak a little round her tiny legs so she needs changing more frequently but I'm sure she will fill out soon and they will be just as good for her as they are for him.

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13 February 2020  | 

Got the nappies sent super quickly and as always BumGenius don’t disappoint!

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Love these!
05 August 2019  | 

We tried a different brand with a newborn and they were ok.. however we when tried these .. we wished we'd bought them sooner. They were far superior in every respect.
Day and night.. ever so dry.
We used these nappies with 3 kids so they were washed nearly every day for 6 years and still going strong. It's only now that we have lost a few due to outer wrap losing its waterproofing.. but that's 6 years later.

We also preferred the poppers over the Velcro as it tended to get stuck to other items in the wash and the little bits started bending over more permanently.
Can praise these enough.

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Great nappy
22 January 2019  | 

These nappies are fantastic. I bought them when my son was about 6 weeks old but wish I'd bought them sooner. They are very easy to use, sizing is good because they are adjustable, and I found them pretty quick to stuff a couple of times a week.

I stopped using them when he was about 9 months as he was 95th centile for height/weight and was weeing so much that I had to stuff them with an extra pad which made it difficult for him to learn how to crawl due to bulk. I do wish I'd gone back to them after he'd learned to walk properly because he'd probably do very well in them again.

I'm expecting my next child in a few weeks and looking forward to using them again now I've had my 'practice run' and have more knowledge about what's to come. This one is a very average sized girl according to the scans so hopefully we can use them for longer!

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Perfectly adequate pocket nappy
22 December 2017  | 

This is not one of my go to pockets in the stash. It has a good fit on the skinny legs just like it's neighbor the flip wraps but not being a pocket fan I must admit these feel a little synthetic in comparison to some others like the Baba boos. Perhaps I should try another bumgenius style to change my mind. This is after all one of their most basic versions, not that I can tell the difference between many of the others!!

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Great nappy- worth the expense
01 September 2017  | 

It's a great looking nappy, easy to get on, and quick drying.

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So easy even the grandparents can use them.
28 August 2017  | 

Was looking for something quick drying for our little girl. These have fitted the bill brilliantly! They dry quickly keep all the poo contained and can have extra boosters added for long car journeys. They are also simple enough for the grandparents to use.

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Very pleased
07 March 2017  | 

Purchased these for daytime use after a recommendation by the Nappy Lady. Although they didn't really fit my daughter (and not leak) until she was 10lbs, they have been brilliant since then. Very easy to use. If I wash them in the evening and hang them out with the dehumidifier running, they are dry by morning. The Nappy Lady provides excellent service too!

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I love these nappies
27 February 2017  | 

I've been using these nappies for the last 4 weeks since my baby was 6 weeks old. I really struggle to fault them. They're easy to fit, rarely leak and dry quickly. Brilliant!!

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So much better than expected!
23 February 2017  | 

so easy to use, quick to put together, great sizing and leak free! I love the colours to, she looks so cool!

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broken popper
05 December 2016  | 

although I like these nappies, I am only giving it 1 star, as one of the poppers was broken. this is a complete pain, as I live in Zimbabwe and had a family member bring them out for me from the UK. So it will be very difficult to return anything faulty.
such a pity that the popper were not checked before being shipped.

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sorry you have a broken popper we'll be able to get this sorted for you so please email us. Unfortunately we sell many hundreds of nappies each day and can't check every single popper.

Great fit
05 July 2016  | 

I really like this nappy. It fits really well and holds everything in. I wish I had bought more of these, rather than the Elementals which take too long to dry.

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Great nappy
08 March 2016  | 

Great nappies, lovely print, good fit. Bumgenius are great quality, and the main nappy dries very quickly. I tend to add a bamboo booster to the insert which works well. Hoping to get more of the V5s!

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Very happy customer!
01 February 2016  | 

Excellent delivery and good upgrade from the v4. Better fit and lovely designs.

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