Pink Daisy Mini Bag

Pink Daisy Bags fasten with a zip and have 4 poppers on the reverse side. The poppers are so you can either fold the bag and popper together making the bag half the size OR you can popper another Pink Daisy bag to it so you have a dry bag and a wet bag.

Our Price:  £9.99

Brand:  Pink Daisy

Pink Daisy bags are designed for cloth menstrual pads they are are fabulous and so versatile.   The bags fasten with a zip which is standard to most bags and generally hold 3-6 pads depending on the size/type of pad.

What I really love about Pink Daisy mini csp bags is how you can combine different prints.  On the reverse side of the bag are 4 poppers so that you can either fold the bag back on itself to make it half size for your bag.  However what I like to do is popper it a different Pink Daisy bag in a different print.  This way you know that bag in print A are your clean pads and then the other attached bag in print B are your soiled pads needing washing.  No fussing or fiddling quickly identifying which are which.

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