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Tron Disposable Potty - For those little emergencies on the go!

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Tron Disposable Travel Potty Overview

Tron disposable travel potty is so useful. Tron solves the age old problem of when little ones need the toilet - and there aren't any! When your little ones needs it simply unfold it, use it, and fold it back up and bin it! 

The disposable Tron potty is unusually practical. It fits easily into your handbag or changing bag, in the buggy or fit easy into a car glovebox, ideal when a potty training emergency wee is needed. The potty is lightweight, small and has a highly absorbent SAP pad which quickly eliminates odours absorbing 250ml.

After using the Tron disposable travel potty has a specially designed closure element enables quick protection of the contents, and a high level of hygiene is retained - Tron also has handles. 

As a single use product you wouldn't expect to use these all the time however for an emergency use potty they are perfect. You are likely to only ever need a couple of these but when you need them you'll be very relieved it's to hand. Good value for your piece of mind and to get you out of difficult situlations! If they don't get used as a potty you may  need them for travel sickness in years to come!

If only I'd had a Tron on me!

When my youngest was 8 years old we were caught short in the park.  If it had been one of my Sons they'd have found a bush somewhere but with my daughter she's not got the lady squatting method sorted yet and she's getting heavy to hold. I did manage to hold her with much laughing from her and me but one of these would've made it so much easier.  I'm now keeping a Tron disposable travel potty in my car glovebox for such occassional emergencies! 

They are also the perfect size for travel sickness if you are again caught short. This would be our middle child who can suddenly feel unwell for no reason in the car!

Tron Capacity

Tron disposable potty is absorbing 250ml of liquid within 30 seconds. 

Tron Weight Limits

Tron has been designed by architects to withstand up to 30kg!

Tron's Folded size

Compact and easily portable just 16 x 9 x 3cm

Tron Materials

Available in recycled cardboard.

Biodegradable SAP pad is highly absorbent.



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2 Reviews:

Disposable potty
11 August 2020  | 

Came as expected and worked well for my three year old granddaughter

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Great for emergencies
20 May 2019  | 

Had one of these in the push chair on holiday just in case! Thank goodness as son needed a poo at short notice, crisis averted will be getting a few more

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