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Mother-ease Sandy's Dry

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Nappy Overview

The Sandy's are one of the best loved, most absorbent fitted nappies available on the market. An industry leader, the Sandy's was the very first nappy to sport the front over back side closure design.

The style and fit of the Sandy’s is similar to that of a disposable nappy.


Sandy's Dry is available in two sizes, giving you the best fit as baby grows.

  • Small, 8-20lbs
  • Large, 20-35lbs

How do I use it?

A full set of high tech, never fail, elastics both in the waist front and waist back and at the leg openings ensures all bowel movements will remain contained, no matter the consistency. These little gems close at the sides using plastic snaps with a front over back design.  The stretch terry fabric and popper fastenings mean that some people like to use it as a trainer pull-up pant but with the added advantage of the full absorbency of a proper nappy.

Nappy Fabric

Sandy's Dry features the well-known Natural Cotton nappy, finished with the famous Mother-ease Staydry layer inside. Mother-ease Staydry fabric is entirely different to any other staydry fabric on the market and it is made JUST for them!  Mother-ease use a specially knit fabric that creates a stay dry barrier by the weave in the fabric. It allows the wetness to easily pass through, but not back. Keeping the babies skin dry to the touch.  Another neat aspect is that they include a cooling yarn as well. This keeps the temperature inside the nappy lower - cooler for baby and reduces the growth of bacteria.


Brand:  Motherease


Mother-ease Care Guide


Initial Wash

  • Add no more than 10-12 nappies to your washer & dryer in each initial wash. Remember to check your lint screen before each wash & dry.
  • Set your washing machine to a full wash cycle with a large size load for 10-12 nappies (smaller if less nappies). Use only HOT water.
  • Add your detergent - see detergent disclaimer.
  • Line dry or machine dry the diapers on a medium heat setting.

Regular washing

  • Be sure to wash your cloth nappies at least every other day. If the soiled nappies are stored longer, run them through the initial rinse cycle and toss back into your nappy pail. (Tip - you can add 1/2 oz of laundry detergent to the rinse cycle to start cleaning sooner.)
  • Use your washing machines normal wash cycle and set the water temperature to hot. Use a large load size (for 12-18 soiled nappies + covers) and add the detergent manufacturers recommended amount of detergent. Then let the machine take care of the rest!  (Tip - running the diapers through an extra rinse creates unnecessary wear and over the 2 1/2 years of use, you will reduce the longevity of your diapers). (Tip 2 - Select your washing machines Sanitary Cycle for even hotter water if you can.)
  • Once your nappies have finished the wash cycle, it's time to dry them. You can either line or machine dry them;

Line Drying - hang to dry in your basement or outside on the line. (Tip - Sun naturally removes stains. Even works on a cold, winters day as long as the sun is out

Machine Drying - Toss in your dryer on medium heat (low for covers). (Tip - Tossing line dried diapers into your dryer for a short cycle will fluff them up but tumbling action adds additional wear)

*Coloured diapers may bleed and should be washed accordingly

Full Mother-ease washing Instructions and detergent disclaimer can be found on the manufactures website here

Mother-ease Warranty

Mother ease offers a lifetime warranty on our Snaps and Elastics.
This warranty is for the reasonable lifetime of the diaper. This does not cover slight relaxing of

Mother ease offers a 1-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship on our:
Sandys,  Fitted Diapers, One Size Fitted Diapers, Wizard Duo Inserts, Reusable Nursing Pads, Baby
Wipes, Absorbent Liners and Wizard Boosters.

This covers product stitching, seams and fabric holes discovered immediately upon receipt of
item. This does not include normal wear and tear, slight variances in snap placement, odour
issues, pilling, leaks, staining, repelling and holes or tears in the fabric or loose stitching due to
wash routine or regular use.

Mother ease offers a 6-month warranty against defects in materials and workmanship on our:
Diaper covers, Wizard Uno's, Big Kid Training Pants and Bedwetter Pants.

This covers product stitching, seams, holes discovered upon arrival, and irregular deformity. This
does not cover staining, fading, slight variances in snap placement, leaks, pilling, holes or tears
in fabric or loose stitching that develop due to wash routine or regular use (items caught, torn or
melted in the washer/dryer).

This warranty is available only to the original purchaser from the date of purchase.
All warranty is null and void when products containing harsh solvents such as hydrogen peroxide
(oxygen bleach), sodium percarbonate or optical brighteners are used.

When washing your covers Motherease recommend you wash them in a mesh bag to keep them away from Velcro on your nappies and from getting caught in washing machine doors.  Always secure the Velcro on your wraps so they don't stick to the binding in the wash.
Please contact us if you think you have a faulty product and need to claim under the Motherease warranty. We will liaise with Motherease for you. Motherease will require any product to be returned or destroyed before a replacement.

The manufacturer may ask for proof of which detergent you have been using during the period you've had the item so we strongly recommend you keep your receipts you can prove you've been washing following the supplier's guidelines.  A photo of the detergent box and a photo of the detergent ingredients will be needed plus receipts of detergent purchases in the time you have owned the faulty nappies (usually 1 or 2 receipts showing purchases across the previous 6 months).  If you have bought Motherease's detergent through us during the time you've used the nappies please let us know and we'll have all your receipts already on record for you.

Mother-ease decision on any warranty claim is final. Full details can be found on their site here.
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Just what we needed
Wednesday, 1 September 2021  | 

So my son has sensitive skin and suffers from ezcema, his skin doesn't like any wetness on it. His day nappies are stay dry lined or pockets but we were using bamboozles overnight and his skin was suffering where the wet nappy touched his skin. We used a fleece or stay dry liner but that doesn't cover the whole nappy area. I was on the hunt for a night nappy that was stay dry lined. Also, he isn't a heavy wetter at all overnight, 14 months old and sometimes dry in the morning, other times not heavily wet. So I was reluctant to buy a hemp or super thick absorbant night nappy. These nappies came along at just the right time for us. Being cotton and not specifically night nappies they are perfect for our overnight needs. If he does wet more I will use a Sandy's dry booster but at the moment we haven't needed a booster at all. We bought a size large as my son is 19.5 pounds, it fits great and feels so soft and comfy. The frills just about fit inside a large airflow, but I've bought some xl too incase we need them.
I don't like the placement or feeling of the label on the back inside. It has rough edges and I've been tucking the label down onto the outside to get it away from his skin.
Overall, exactly what we need and I'm really pleased with ours.

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