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100ml Jar of Lanolin by The Nappy Lady

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Lanolin can no longer be shipped to Europe due to Brexit. Lanolin is an animal product and now subject to import restrictions into Europe.

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The Nappy Lady Lanolin Overview

The Nappy Lady Lanolin is solid lanolin used in the traditional method of lanolising wool fabrics. A little lanolin goes a long way!

What Do I Need Lanolin For?

When you buy your new wool soaker you need to lanolise it before first use. Once lanolised the soaker will become waterproof and can then be worn over any cloth nappy to provide a natural, soft and breathable protective wrap, perfect for night times.

When the wool is still a fleece and attached to the sheep, the sheep produces a natural substance called lanolin. Lanolin is like a wax, it coats the wool and protects the sheep by making its fleece waterproof. Keeping it snug and warm in even the harshest of winters, yet remaining breathable so the sheep doesn’t overheat in summer. Clever stuff!   When the sheep is shorn and the fleece sent for processing into wool, the processors remove the lanolin to make the wool easy to spin into balls of yarn and then to make garments. All you are doing is putting the lanolin back into the wool after we have created our lovely squishy covers.

Pot Size

The Nappy Lady Solid Lanolin is supplied in 100g aluminimum jars.

We also sell 50g solid lanonlin jars.

How to Lanolise Your Wraps

  • After washing the whole cover, set it aside.
  • In a bowl with lukewarm water (no more than 30deg), rub your wool soap in your hands so that the water becomes cloudy.
  • Then melt a pea size amount of lanolin, either in the microwave or in a small amount of boiling water.
  • Add to the soapy water and mix together.  The water should look very milky in appearance with no clumps to show it is emulsified correctly.
  • Now soak your wrap in this solution for 8 hours if it is your first time lanolising or 15 minutes for re-lanolising. There is no need to rinse after lanolising.
  • To dry gently squeeze out excess water or place the wrap inside a clean dry towel.
  • Reshape the cover whilst damp and lay flat to air dry naturally. If the cover feels a bit sticky once dried, don't worry! It will be fine to wear just use a little bit less next time.


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2 Reviews:

Lanolises well
07 February 2021  | 

Does what it says on the tin. Lanolises a wool wrap well. Should last a long time.

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Did what it's supposed to do!
09 November 2020  | 

First lanolin product I've used and it worked perfectly

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