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Disana Lanolin Conditioner

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Lanolin can no longer be shipped to Europe due to Brexit. Lanolin is an animal product and now subject to import restrictions into Europe.

Product Details

Disana Lanolin Conditioner Overview

Disana Lanolin Conditioner is essential for reapplying natural lanolin to all your woolen nappy covers wool fibres to keep them water resistant.

When the wool is still a fleece and attached to the sheep, the sheep produces a natural substance called lanolin.

Lanolin is like a natural wax, it coats the sheep's wool, protects the sheep by making its fleece waterproof. Keeping it snug and warm in even the harshest of winters, yet remaining breathable so the sheep doesn’t overheat in summer. Clever stuff!

Why do I need to lanolise my wool wraps?

Wool naturally repels dirt and the lanolin neutralises odours and liquids. Due to these natural properties of wool, woollen items only need to be washed occassionally and are just aired inbetween washes.

Lanolin on the woolen fibres gets "used up" as it neutralises urine. Disana Lanolin Conditioner replaces this used lanolin, the wool fibres absorb the lanolin and the woollen product is protected again.

Lanolin is a very important part of the woollen items self-cleaning power to keep them clean and fresh by only airing.

Instructions - How to lanolise

When you buy your new wool soaker or wool wrap you need to lanolise it before first use. Once lanolised the soaker will become waterproof and can then be worn over any cloth nappy to provide a natural, soft and breathable protective wrap, perfect for night times.

  • Shake the bottle of Disana Lanolin well before use
  • Dissolve 15mL of lanolin in 1L of lukewarm water no hotter than 30C.
  • Place garment in the lanolin bath water and lightly squeeze the solution through.
  • Leave for at least 15 minutes.
  • Do not rinse.
  • Dry in a warm place, but not directly in the sun or on a heater. 


Disana Lanolin Conditioner Bottle Size

Disana Lanolin Conditioner is sold in 200ml bottles


Lanolin, polysorbate, cetyl alcohol, citric acid, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, aqua

For more information...

Read more about using wool nappy covers in our wool advice section.


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Care & Warranty

Disana Care Guide

  • Prewash cotton nappies twice once before first use.
  • Remove all solid waste before washing cotton nappies
  • Remove any inserts from covers so they can thoroughly washed
  • Don't overload your machine.
  • Put your cotton nappies through a rinse cycle before the main wash
  • You can wash your cotton nappies at 40 or 60 deg using a full dose of detergent
  • Use a long cotton wash. Cotton nappies love a long wash
  • No harsh stain removers or bleach on cotton nappies or wool wraps.
  • No fabric softeners. They will reduce absorbency.
  • Ideally line dry or tumble dry cotton nappies on warm.


Disana Wool Covers must not be machine washed. Follow wool products instructions found here.


Disana Warranty

If you believe you have a faulty Disana product please contact The Nappy Lady with details of the fault and photos and we will liaise with Disana so they can assess your warranty claim.

Disana's decision on any warranty claim is final.


Customer Reviews
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10 Reviews:

Disana Conditioner
08 October 2021  | 

It’s easy enough to use, but takes a lot of shaking to mix it up.

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Ok, but pure lanolin may be easier
04 February 2021  | 

We have already used almost all the bottle to lanolise our first medium wool cover 3 times! It has done the job, but it was easier to find instructions for pure lanolin. I think I would prefer to use that in the future.

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Nothing goes through the wool cover
13 July 2020  | 

And this lanolin will last a long time as only use a little bit each time, and washing the wool cover only once a month.

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Old product ?
16 September 2019  | 

This conditioner seems like out of date. Does not properly mix with water, really thick and texture does not seems right

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Absolutely not we receive a delivery every month and sell through old stock first. It sells too quickly to go out of date. Due to oils in the product it wont mix like ordinary detergent, this is part of the nature of the product. Please see the caring for wool article on how to use it with wool covers.

Easy to use
08 January 2019  | 

The disana conditioner is really easy to use and I was happy with the result.

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It works!
25 August 2017  | 

This has worked with the woolen nappy cover I bought from knts and dots, as I was worried after I got it that it was meant to be paired with disana product only. This is not the case. It is simple to use!

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Not so great
22 August 2017  | 

Unfortunately this was not so great for us, we purchased it as I also bought a disana wool soaker so thought the same brand conditioner would be complimentary. We've used masses of it trying to get our soakers lanolised enough, Next time I would just buy solid lanolin as this seems to have more positive feedback from other woolly bummed parents.

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Very Happy!
24 May 2017  | 

I've been really impressed with how this has worked on my homemade crocheted wool wraps. The instructions are easy to follow and it hardly takes any time at all to lanolise my wraps. It makes the wraps completely waterproof, which makes for less washing Very pleased, will buy more when it runs out.

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Does what is says on the packaging
02 May 2017  | 

My wool wrap isn't leaking so I guess it works!

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Great product
01 May 2017  | 

Good value but needed to use more than recommended

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