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Little Lovebum Nappy Extenders
Little Lovebum Nappy Extenders

Little Lovebum Nappy Extenders

£3.99  VAT Free
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Little Lovebum Nappy Extenders Overview

Little Lovebum stretchy nappy extenders are there to extend the fit and life of your Little Lovebum reusable nappies.

Nappy extenders are designed for cloth nappies that have become a little too snug at the waist. The extenders are simply attached by poppering onto your nappy tabs and give a little more breathing room around the waist and room to grow.


Sold as a pair.

Each tab adds approximately 5cm each size, giving you a total extension of 10cm around the waist of your nappy.

How do I use it?

Each set contains a left and a right extender that attaches to the wings of your nappy using the poppers.


Made from the same stretchy material as the Little Lovebum Popper & Pocket tabs.


Can be washed with your normal nappy wash


Little Lovebum
Little Lovebum
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