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Little Lovebum Popper & Pocket All In Two Nappy
Little Lovebum Popper & Pocket All In Two Nappy
Little Lovebum Popper & Pocket All In Two Nappy
Little Lovebum Popper & Pocket All In Two Nappy
Little Lovebum Popper & Pocket All In Two Nappy
Little Lovebum Popper & Pocket All In Two Nappy
Little Lovebum Popper & Pocket All In Two Nappy

Little Lovebum Popper & Pocket All In Two Nappy

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Product Details

Popper and Pocket V3 Nappy Overview

Little Lovebum Popper and Pocket is an incredibly versatile one size modern cloth nappy. 

The Little Lovebum Popper & Pocket can be an All-in-Two system OR a pocket reusable nappy, you choose just by where you place the insert.

The Little Lovebum Popper and Pocket waterproof cover comes with amazing stretchy tabs. Very few nappies have stretchy tabs as quite simply they are expensive to manufacture however the stretchy tabs take this nappy to another level. The stretchy tabs are often an overlooked feature but they really are what makes this nappy fit so beautifully.  The stretchy tabs create a secure, versatile and neat fit.  It really is hard to fit this nappy incorrectly as the stretchy tabs are so accomodating.

The Popper and Pocket V3 shell is lined with Athletic wicking Jersey which is a  stay dry liner to keep baby's bum dry.

The Little Lovebum Popper and Pocket has an internal double gusset which many people love as they find it gives them better containment.   

The Little Lovebum Popper and Pocket is a very budget friendly nappy system. It is sold separately to the official absorbent inserts so you have the option to buy the insert which suits you best or for a super economical choice reuse any nappy inserts you already have.

If you're on a buget you can pick up preloved basic prefolds for a few pence and inserted into the Little Lovebum Popper and Pocket you make an exceptional nappy!

Popper & Pocket cloth nappies are far more generous fit compared to Little Lovebums all in one nappies (the Quickdry and the Everyday). This nappy is a good choice for chunky babies plus has good absorbency when used with the Little LoveBum trifold insert (higher absorbency compared to the Quickdry All in One but comparable to the Everyday All In One).

Key Features

  • Lined with athletic wicking jersey to keep baby's skin dry
  • Made from super soft and stretchy PUL
  • Double Gusset to give better containment
  • Amazing stretchy tabs for the very best fit.
  • Generous fit


The Little Lovebum Popper and Pocket is an OSFM, (One Size Fits Most) nappy, and is fully size adjustable so suitable from baby to toddler (approximately 10-35lbs/4-16kgs). 

The nappy fastens by poppers on the tabs.  There are also crossover poppers at the waist for smaller babies and hip poppers which prevent wing-droop and leakage.

There are 4 rows of rise poppers on the front of the nappy giving you lots of height/length adjustment in the nappy.

Read our article for more information and photos on how to adjust one size nappies.


How Do I Use It As...

- All In Two

Simply popper in the Little Lovebum trifold insert into the cover, securing by the popper at the front of the nappy.

At change time you just unpopper the insert and replace with a fresh insert. 

Some of our testers did find that when they poppered in the insert as an all in two nappy rather than a pocket nappy that they had to be careful not to pull the front of the nappy down. When you put the nappy on don't allow the inserts to be pulled too taut under babies bottom and this problem should be avoided.


- Pocket Nappy

To use as a pocket nappy you place your insert into the pouch / pocket inside and at change time change the entire nappy insert and cover. The insert can be the official Little Lovebum trifold insert or an insert reused from any other pocket nappy or a prefold.


Nappy Fabric

The outer is made from the super soft and stretchy waterproof cover made of Little LoveBum PUL

We sell the Little Lovebum Popper and Pocket waterproof cover separately to the absorbent inserts so you can choose the insert that is right for you.

The Little Lovebum Trifold insert or the Little Lovebum Hemp Trifold insert are especially designed for use with this nappy and popper into make it an all in two system. However if you have old inserts or prefolds you can insert these into the pocket instead.  Popular and economical prefolds are the Muslinz prefolds .   Drying time and absorbency level will vary depending on what insert you use.

Please Note: The tabs are not colour-fast and will need to be washed separately for the first few washes to remove any loose dyes.



Little Lovebum
Drying Speed
Depends on Insert
Depends on Insert
Change Speed
Ease of Use
Requires a Wrap?
Day or Night
Day only
Made In
Little Lovebum
Care & Warranty

Little Lovebum Care Guide

  • Prewash Items. Note - nappies made from hemp or bamboo require 6 washes before they reach full absorbency.
  • Remove solids. Heavily soiled nappies may need a rinse before storing in dry pail/waterproof bag. Store for a maximum of 3 days.
  • prewash nappies on a rinse cycle or with half a dose of detergent.
  • wash at 40-60 degrees using recommended dose of detergent according to instruction.
  • Line dry, being sure to keep the PUL out of direct sunlight. 

Little Lovebum Warranty

Little Lovebum offers a 6 month guarantee against manufacturing faults. The 6 month guarantee starts from when the item was purchased, not first used. If you believe you have an item with a manufacturing fault, you will need to contact us with details and photos of the fault. We will confirm your purchase date from our records. Little Lovebum may require the items to be inspected before a warranty decision is made, we will inform you if this is required in your case.  Little Lovebum warranty decision is final.

Little Lovebum Warranty is VOID when:

  • Using harsh stain removers, biological detergents or bleaching
  • Boil washing
  • Continually tumble drying on a warm or hot heat, or directly on radiators or similar
  • Adding vinegar or sodium bicarbonate to the wash

Slight relaxing of elastics, variances in snaps, snags, fading in fabric, are not considered a manufacturing defect.

Little Lovebum decision on any warranty claim is final.


Please Note: The tabs are not colour-fast and will need to be washed separately for the first few washes to remove any loose dyes.

Customer Reviews
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7 Reviews:

Great nappy for containment and price (and beautiful prints)
12 September 2021  | 

Customer review of free product.

This is a really nice nappy, not too expensive but reliable and easy to fit. I use it with the insert snapped in but it is also great with the insert in the pocket and could have extra absorbency added in the pocket if needed.

I love the stretchy tabs, which make it easier to get a good fit than other Little LoveBum nappies. It also contains well, I often use this nappy for the first of the day when he does a huge wee, and quite often a non ploppable poo as well.

I use with the LLB bamboo-hemp trifold which is super absorbent, has a stay dry layer and leaves the nappy quite slim.

And of course it comes in excellent prints!

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Good thickness/ absorbency balance.
23 August 2021  | 

For us these make the perfect balance between absorbency and thickness. Our girl is a heavy wetter, but when we went on a trip, we used a booster in the extra pocket (Ella's House) and the nappy held for over five hours. We originally thought we would need a night nappy for travel, but with these ones it was not necessary. If not boosted we've had a few leaks, but nothing major, and never any poop.

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Easy to use and wonderful patterns
20 August 2021  | 

New to pockets. Bought to make life a little easier for family looking after my little boy. Having to build up a big enough stash for them and so a lot expensive than the pre folds and wraps we had before and could reuse for several changes but it’s so great that these have such a wide opening at the back so can stuff with any inserts and prefolds we already have very easily. The stretchy tabs are fabulous and seem like a very comfy fit. Early days so can’t comment on how well they last but the gorgeous patterns definitely make me feel happy about nappy change time. Very happy so far

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12 August 2021  | 

These are the first Little love bum pockets I have bought (previously bought AIOS) and I love them. The lining is lovely fabric, nice and soft yet wicks away the moisture. The fit is also great and the new designs are amazing, I love how vibrant they are.

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31 May 2021  | 

This is one of my favourite nappies. It's very absorbant, and fits my chunky monkey well and is a lovely design too. It's one of my most reliable nappies.

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Excellent nappies
19 July 2020  | 

These nappies are very absorbent and the prints are adorable. I love the way that you can add pocket inserts in addition to the supplied pop in pad. Brilliant.

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Fantastic nappy
05 April 2020  | 

Having a 12 week old meant alot of getting used to nappies again. We have been ok with the brands we have but wanted to buy the Storm nappy just because of the colours.
Well I came back for more. Fits baby lovely. Fairly slim, absorbent and double gusset for poo containment.
I really love that it can be used as a pocket nappy and the hole isnt on the waistband. It is just below it so there is no way of it sneaking out the back.
Quick and easy to change too.

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