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Flip Disposable Pad Pack

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Flip Disposable Pads Overview

Flip cloth nappies by Cotton Babies are a highly versatile range, they not only offer reusable inserts but the option of a hybrid nappy system with disposables.

If you're going on holiday or anytime you need a disposable nappy you can use a disposable insert in your reusable nappy wrap instead to make a hybrid nappy system.

Flip Nappy System Sizing

One size

Free From Nasties

Flip disposables are the first ever disposable insert to be fully Oeko-Tex approved. Dye free and fragrance free.

For use with...

The Flip disposable inserts fit inside the Flip wrap and in theory could be placed into any nappy wrap with a gusset.

Pack Size

These come in a pack of 18



Drying Speed
Fairly Slim
Change Speed
Ease of Use
No Fastening
Customer Reviews
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8 Reviews:

Life saver
19 November 2015  | 

Essential item if you are out or without any washing facilities. I like to always have some in the house, to cover for emergencies.

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great for nursery
10 November 2015  | 

More absorbent than reviews had suggested. good compromise for nursery. I find flips generally a bit fiddly but keepingsystem for nursery

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Surprisingly long lasting, handy to have.
09 February 2015  | 

I bought these as a 'just in case' item, and was surprised by how long we could get from each one - a good 3 hours in, and she still had a dry bottom!
They are very slim, too, but they do defeat the purpose of cloth. They came in handy when I couldn't find any liners, and when the washing machine was on the blink.

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Really surprised
01 June 2014  | 

Brilliant for out and about as takes up hardly any room in change bag so I always carry a few as well as few reusable inserts as I find taking all in ones out with us less reliable and bulky.

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not very abosrbant
27 May 2014  | 

I tried these on my 16 month old heavy wetter. They were easy to put in the covers and stayed in place. They only lasted 2hrs max so got through them quickly. If your already using flips with cloth inserts and need a "going away" option then it makes sense to use these (have to change very regularly) but I wouldn't buy flips specifically to use the disposable inserts - id just use disposable nappies which are more absorbant.

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27 May 2014  | 

These are great inserts, fit amazingly well into gnappies along with other brands. Great for when you can't use cloth. Fantastic delivery times.

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Honestly, just use disposables!
23 May 2013  | 

I bought a pack of these to try for our holiday as a half way house between disposables and cloth. I was quite disappointed though- they leaked quite quickly and I felt that I might as well have used a disposable since you're still having to throw something quite bulky away (of course at home you could compost it). I'll be sticking with the reusable inserts for the flip.

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Ok for travelling
20 March 2013  | 

I used these on my lil one when we travelled abroad, it helped alot as I just disposed of them after each change. But I'm giving these a 3 as I did find the disposable inserts were not very absorbent. We ended up having to double them. So realistically 2 packs of 18 only lasted us 18 nappy changes.

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