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Flip Inserts Cotton Night

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Flip Night Cotton Inserts Overview

Flip Night Time Organic Inserts are super soft and ultra absorbent.  They fit inside the Flip nappy covers and make a great night time nappy or even a super booster for an older child. The night time inserts can be used in the day by a heavy wetter too.

The Flip Night Time Organic Cotton Inserts are made of beautifully soft cotton. The Night insert is very absorbent however please be aware they are the slowest drying insert of the Flip nappy range.

The Flip Organic cotton inserts do NOT have a built in liner, this encourages early potty training by letting your baby feel moisture.

About the Flip System

The Flip nappy system allows you to choose which insert you use in your nappy at each nappy change. The Flip system comes with the unique butterfly closure system to give you the perfect fit.

  1. Choose the best insert for your needs: stay dry, Cotton Night or Cotton Day or disposable. Place insert in cover.
  2. After use, toss the used insert in your nappy bucket
  3. If your Flip cover is not soiled, reuse.


Approx 43cm x 34cm

Adjust small to large by changing fold direction.

How Do I Use It?

Flip one‐size cloth nappy inserts are compatible with the Flip Nappy Covers ( cover sold separately ).

  1. Fold your Flip Cotton Insert and place into your Flip Cover.
  2. Wipe cover clean between changes.
  3. At change time removed soiled insert and replace with a clean insert.

We recommended 3-4 inserts per cover.

Nappy Fabric

100% Cotton

Washing Instructions

Wash up to 60deg

Do not use bleach or strong stain removers

Suitable for tumble drying



Drying Speed
Fairly Slim
Change Speed
Ease of Use
Fiddly to keep parts together
No Fastening - Pad Folded
Requires a Wrap?
Day or Night
Made In
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13 Reviews:

Happy baby!
19 February 2021  | 

Was recommended these by a friend as my little girl was waking up every morning soaking wet up her back. They have worked like magic! Bone dry every morning and the nappy doesn’t even look like it’s anywhere near full. We are now getting a full nights sleep and not having to have a full outfit change at 2am

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bulky but effective
07 September 2019  | 

i like the way the centre fold lines work, but folding the end over to make them fit in a high-rise setting wrap makes them extremely bulky, Does the job well though, no leaks at all in the 2 months we've been using them.

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Good after a few washes
04 July 2017  | 

This is a big thick quilt of lovely soft cotton. It holds a lot of pee but is quite fat. Doesn't feel too wet on baby's skin either. Takes a while to dry. It is not an overnight nappy for my 10month old babies, though.

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Successful so far
13 September 2016  | 

These night inserts have been very successful so far. They are quite bulky but this enables them to last through the night. I expected them to take a while to dry but with the warm weather they're drying well. I am aware that as they are light coloured they are likely to become stained as time goes on.

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Good but bulky
11 August 2016  | 

My baby has just gone into her flip nappies at 6 weeks old, so at the moment the night inserts are very bulky on her. She isn't going through the night yet, so I change her every 3 hours when she is fed and it looks like the insert would last a bit longer most times.

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Super Absorbant
26 April 2016  | 

I have been using these inserts for 5 years now and these are still my go to nappy. They last a few hours and are super comfortable. The only downside is that in the long run they can be a little tricky to look after and I have ruined a few with some poor washing techniques.

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Flipping fantastic!
25 April 2016  | 

bought these for my not-quite-three year old and can't quite believe just how absorbant they are. previously we had so many boosters in his night nappy I could barely do it up where as one of these isn't even completely full in the morning! We have found, for us, that it works better with the bambino mio, miosoft, cover; as my boy is quite wriggly at night and I found we occasionally had slight leaks at the front with the flip covers where he had got himself into strange toddler head down bum in the air sleeping positions. The slightly elasticated front of the Mio's seems to have solved this though and we haven't had a single leak since using the flip organic night insert combined with the miosoft cover...

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Amazingly absorbent
02 April 2016  | 

These are awesome! I must confess though, I almost never use these with my Flip covers. I stuff them in my Bumgenius pocket nappies and the combination of the two means my little guy stays dry, both is bum and the rest of him, all night (usually 12+ hours).

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Great product
06 March 2016  | 

Quite bulky but really absorbent, i've had no leaks so far.

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Flip night
29 February 2016  | 

You wouldn't believe such a slim fit nappy will absorb so much! It last all night sometimes without a booster. Absolutely perfect!

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Haven't tried them regularly yet
26 February 2016  | 

I got one of these when I bought the flip trial kit. They are super absorbent and I had my bubba in them all night and no leak. I've bought another one as well. They lookef quite bulky on my new born (hence the 4 stars) and I felt baby would be uncomfortable in them but I know that's just me. I'll be waiting for baby to grow a bit more and then start using then at night. At the moment I am using disposables for night time.

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Flip Night Inserts I am converted!
02 February 2016  | 

We purchased the flips wraps & inserts for holidays originally. However they have been a wonderful addition to our nappy stash and I use them at home now as much as our bum genius freetime.

i decided to get the night inserts after being so happy with the day inserts. Our existing night nappies had started to leak so I decided to give them a go. It also meant I could use the existing flip wraps to try & keep costs down.
I have been using these now for over a month and I have not had any leaks. They absorb so much!! They do take a while to dry , but that's always the sacafice you make for such good absorbency. Very happy with them.

I am totally converted to the flip system, I would even go as far to say I would have been tempted to have got this system from the start, especially if cost is the main drive.

If you don't want to be cleaning loads nappies on holiday, I can recommend a combination of the flip disposables, day ( where you want a little more from the nappy) & the night wraps. It meant I was just soaking few wraps every night which dried in the day. It's nice to have a break from the nappy washes once in a while hey

Thanks again Wendy for such good advise and guidance!

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magic inserts!
17 December 2015  | 

Our heavy wetter 8 month old was wearing a tots bots bamboo nappy boosted with a tots bots super booster and two extra bamboo boosters to bed. It worked well but her bum was bigger than the rest of her and it was all soaked through by the morning! I read somewhere that these inserts were amazing so bought a couple to try. The first night I put one on her it was so much slimmer than our usual nappy I though we were bound to be woken at 2 am by a screaming wet baby.

Well I was wrong, by the morning it wasn't wet all the way to the top of the insert! Maybe a fluke I thought, perhaps she was dehydrated? Nope. This insert really does just hold an astonishing amount of wee while being th he same thickness as one of her standard daytime nappies (slimmer than many in fact). Yes it's basically a very expensive prefold but it's a very magic prefold. The massive boosted night nappies haven't seen the light of day since and I keep thinking I might get 10 of these and use them all day too! Very highly recommended.

These also fit nicely inside a milovia cover, which I generally prefer to the flip covers because the fleece flaps look like they must be more comfy (and they're very pretty).

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