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Flip Inserts Stay Dry

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The Flip nappy system allows you to choose which insert you use in your nappy. These are the Flip stay dry inserts. These are made of microfibre and are incredibly quick drying. They have a layer of microfleece on the top to keep baby feeling drier for longer.  The pad comes with 2 lines marked on the pad and this is so you can easily fold the pad to the right length, these correspond to the lengths of the Flip wraps ie short, middle or full length.

Flips are a very economical system as you buy fewer wraps (the expensive part) than nappy inserts. The ratio of wraps to nappy inserts is 1 wrap to 4 inserts as a minimum.  For a full time set this equates to 20 inserts (15day and 5 suitable for nights) and 5 wraps.  If you have a very young baby you may prefer to get an extra wrap to allow for poo getting onto the wrap.

As the nappy inserts are just pads of fabric you are reliant on the flip wrap to keep poo inside so for a newborn especially a breastfed baby with explosive poo you'll likely to find you go through more wraps than you would with a shaped nappy but as long as you regularly wash your wraps so you don't run out this doesn't matter. 



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Customer Reviews (13)
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13 Reviews:

Effective and absorbent
27 May 2019  | 

I really like these. I use them with the flip wraps but also the blueberry wraps work well. Keep baby really dry and I find them very absorbent, can easily go 2-3 hours.

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Super slim and easy to use
31 July 2018  | 

These inserts made me love my 2 parters and now I'm fully converted. The absorbency and super slim fit of these inserts are really what makes them worthwhile. Changing when out and about is so easy and the stay dry layer means no need for an extra fleece liner. They are very compact for storing in a wet bag when out too so all in all a massive space saver. Drying time isn't too bad. I'm only just finding that I might need to boost these at 3 months old.

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Great quick turnaround nappy
05 January 2018  | 

Loved these- the Stay dry layer is really effective - keeps baby feeling dry... tricked my husband a few times into thinking the nappy was dry. Also very slim, although It’s not that absorbent, I found that after one wee it was quite saturated, however my stash is mostly cotton and bamboo so I’m not used to micro fibre- I’m guessing this is quite normal for microfibres.

We EC part time so we like to change Nappies immediately after a wee so don’t need max absorbency, and so I found these are perfect for that. Because I’m not changing a high absorbency nappy after one wee which feels like such a waste. Plus they dry so quickly after the wash.

I’m really glad to have these to bulk up my stash.

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Sceptical husband converted
13 February 2017  | 

My husband was very sceptical about the idea of using washable nappies but after buying these he doesn't want to disposables anymore as he was so impressed! They really do feel completely dry on top even when soaking wet, far better than any disposable! Make sure to use them suede side up though! They're also a good absorbency and they are great at night with a bamboo booster as our baby hates a wet nappy and we haven't had any leaks. Very impressed!

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Absorbent and wash well
11 August 2016  | 

These are really absorbent and last 2-3 hours. They also haven't stained or dis colored when coming into contact with poo, whereas the organic ones have a little bit.

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Stay dry quick drying
23 June 2016  | 

Quite happy with inserts, they dry nice and quickly. We use a bamboo booster to increase absorbency. The system is a bit of a faff as the inserts are just placed inside the wrap and your little one can easily dislodge them whilst you're changing them but once they're on it works well.

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Excellent product
02 October 2015  | 

These inserts are great. They are very absorbent, was well and are very easy to use. I use them with a flip wrap but have also found that they work well inside other pocket nappies to boost the absorbency

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Works well on weened baby
19 March 2015  | 

I like these a lot. Would recommend them to anyone whose baby is weened. They look neat on baby, dry quick and absorb fine. Don't take much space in the changing bag either.

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Great when boosted
03 March 2015  | 

We love these inserts as they keep my twins feeling dry even when the nappy is wet and ready to be changed. I know some mums get 4 hours with these inserts alone but we only get 1 or 1.5 hours unboosted and 2.5 - 3 hours with a double layered large bamboo booster, my girls must be super heavy setters! The size and shape are ideal for us as they dry on sock hangers taking up little space in our flat. Love how one size inserts lasts from newborn - potty training. They also dry fast. Great product.

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The best flip inserts
13 August 2014  | 

These are great, so easy to use and quick drying. I bought a mix of different inserts for flip nappies but now wish I'd just bought more of these.

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Pricey but awesome
07 June 2014  | 

yes, they're expensive, but for the amount of use ours get, well worth it!

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Flip inserts great product
03 June 2014  | 

After many months of research and reading and asking advice I went for flip inserts. Extreme easy to use and carry around in change bag these have been a great buy and I hope they last me through to potty training.

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Really easy to use
25 April 2014  | 

These are great, pretty quick drying and fit well into the flip wraps.

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