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Flip Newborn Inserts
Flip Newborn Inserts

Flip Newborn Inserts

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Product Details

Nappy Overview

Flip Newborn Inserts are just like the standard stay dry Flip inserts but they're smaller. They fit into the Flip nappy outer covers making a slimmer, smaller nappy for a newborn. Each has the stay dry layer on the top to keep baby's bottom dry, once baby has outgrown these you can use them as boosters.



How do I use it?

- Lay the Flip Insert into the Little LoveBum Newborn Snap & Wrap or Flip Cover
- Toss the used insert into your nappy bucket
- Wipe cover clean and reuse

Nappy Fabric

100% polyester, 80% polyamide. 


Drying Speed
Very Fast
Super Slim
Change Speed
Ease of Use
Fiddly to keep together
No Fastening - Pad Folded
Requires a Wrap?
Day or Night
Day only
Made In
Customer Reviews (4)
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4 Reviews:

Didn't work for newborn but using as a night booster
30 November 2015  | 

Purchased these as the intention was to start using the Flip system from birth. Unfortunately as one of the other reviewers has found they weren't quite like the normal pads, not so much because of the absorbency but because even on the smallest wrap setting the whole nappy was far too loose which resulted in catastrophic containment failure! Instead, the normal pads worked much better as the fold and the thickness ensured that everything stayed where it should. If these are intended for the first couple of weeks only it seems a bit of a waste and you would need a dozen or so on a daily wash cycle to ensure 2 hour changes as recommended. Fortunately we found an alternative use for the six we have, which is as an extra booster at night in combination with the normal pad plus bamboo booster (inserted at the bottom and upside down to create a sandwich) - so all the energy/materials that went into making a fairly limited-use product has been put to use, albeit not for the intended purpose!

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Brilliant product
31 May 2015  | 

Using these with my first baby and loving them. They stay dry against my baby and fit the Bumgenius FLIP covers really well.
They have been really easy to wash and drying time is good too.
Absolutely loving the system of cloth nappies. A great product.

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Next to useless
22 December 2014  | 

I bought these because the normal inserts make the nappy very bulky for a newborn. The absorbency is terrible and they bunch up in the wrap. I don't understand why they were made thinner than the normal insert: loosing the bulk in the length is what matters.

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sorry to hear you didn't get on with the newborn inserts. They are designed to be thin and slim and used only just for the first week or two as the absorbency is much lower. This keeps you changing at a regular change frequency of every 2 hours which is required for a newborn be it in cloth or disposable nappies. If higher absorbency nappies are used people tend to leave the change frequency far too long. By making the nappies thinner they make the nappy slimmer but this also means there is less fabric in the pad so there is also less absorbency.

great product
23 October 2014  | 

i LOVE these. they perform really well as boosters for overnight fitted nappies. so soft, and they wash and dry really, really well.

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