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La Petite Ourse 2 in 1 Swim Nappy & Trainer Pants

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La Petite Ourse Swim / Trainer Pants Overview

La Petite Ourse 2 in 1 Swim Nappy and Trainer Pants are incredibly versatile as they are swimming nappies and training pants in one. Ideal multi use toilet training product so you can get plenty of wear out of them and not just for swimming.

LPO come with 3 layers of bamboo to give you light absorbency inside to absorb small messes and accidents but not enough absorbency to weight baby down while in the pool.

The ultra stretchy elastic band around the wais and tummy helps to keep poo inside the nappy, thereby preventing them from getting into the swimming pool.

La Petite Ourse swim trainer pants have poppers at the sides so if little one should have a pooey accident you can lay them down for effortless changing. The side poppers allow easy access changes and avoiding that terrible "poo legs" from having to pull down a pair of poo filled pants (I talk from experience here!)


To use as a swim nappy:

You can not use your usual cloth nappies for swimming as it would become heavy due to absorbing the pool water and make it harder for baby to move. La Petite Ourse swim nappy offers light absorbency to catch a wee but won't hinder baby's movement. The Elastic at the legs and waist will catch poo. You don't need to add anything more into the swim nappy, just put the swim nappy on baby and enjoy the pool. If a poo happens, you can remove the swim nappy very easily thanks to the popper buttons along both sides. 

Swim nappies are required for babies and toddlers at most swimming pools at home and abroad. After just a few days of swimming, washable swim nappies work out cheaper compared to disposable nappies and it saves you a lot of waste to throw out!

If your pool requires a double nappy system the Splash About Happy Nappy can be worn over the top of the LPO swim nappy.

To use as training pants:

The La Petite Ourse swim/trainer pants are ideal for potty training. The pants have a waterproof exterior and the nappy absorption is via a small absorbent layer sewn inside. The trainer pant is a similar design to a pocket nappy in that a little pouch is at the back that allows you to simply add an extra booster insert into the pocket to increase absorbency further and your swim nappy becomes a training pant.

Your child can easily take the pants off and put them back on themselves, and they are a lot less thick than a nappy, so they will fit neatly under clothing. The pants can also be used as just a swim nappy or swim pants before, during and after toilet-training. So there's nothing to lose!



The swim/trainer pants come in 2 sizes:

  • Medium 13-25lbs (6-11kgs)
  • Large 20-35lbs (9-16kgs)

Each pair of swim / trainer pants will grow with your baby so you don't need to buy lots of sizes. Each pair offers popper fastening options at the waist as well as poppers to adjust the length or rise at the front of the pants.

Sold individually

Please be aware that most swim schools and many public pools insist on the Splash About Happy Nappy Swim system with double nappy layers.  If they do don't worry the La Petite Ourse swim nappy is perfect as the underneath layer.

La Petite Ourse Swim / Trainer Pants Fabric

  • Outer: 100% Polyester
  • Absorbency: 80% bamboo, 20% polyester
  • Lining: Athletic Wicking Jersey

More information on baby swimming

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More information on potty training

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La Petite Ourse
Bamboo / Polyester
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La Petite Ourse
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