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Top Hat Potty EasyPisi
Top Hat Potty EasyPisi
Top Hat Potty EasyPisi
Top Hat Potty EasyPisi
Top Hat Potty EasyPisi
Top Hat Potty EasyPisi
Top Hat Potty EasyPisi
Top Hat Potty EasyPisi

Top Hat Potty EasyPisi

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EasyPisi Top Hat Potty Overview

The EasyPisi Baby Potty, aka top hat potty, is a recyclable, non-slip, comfortable and discreet toilet for pottying with a 0-12 month baby. Early pottying is also known as Elimination Communication, natural infant hygiene, infant potty training or diaper free.

The Top Hat Easypisi Potty is completely different from a traditional potty and is especially designed as a super small potty for very young babies who will use it with support.

The EasyPisi splash guard fits between baby's legs and prevents pee missing the potty. This is especially useful when doing elimination communication (EC) with boys. This feature is exclusive to the EasyPisi and isn't available on any of our other Top Hat Potty Brands.

The EasyPisi has a wide smooth edge that helps to comfortably support the baby and your own hands and does not press into the skin.

Thanks to the ergonomic shape, the potty remains stable in any position, both standing and in the lap of the parents. We also stock the Anti Slip Strap to match your potty.

The Essential Accessory for EC

A Top Hat potty is my number 1 recommended accessory for those doing elimination communication (EC) baby potty training with their babies.  The Top Hat Potty is the well known traditional potty used in Asia but now made available to the UK via The Nappy Lady.™

The potty is ideal for EC at home, out and about, travelling as well as just a handy small potty for smaller children.


Measures approx. 16.5cm x 22 cm

The EasyPisi Top Hat potty is wider than our Top Hat W-Free Potty so if your baby is a little older or bigger when you start EC you may find the Easy Peasy suits your baby better.

How do I use it?

The Top Hat Potty EasyPisi is designed for parents/carers to hold between their thighs while they hold and support their small  baby over the potty.

It is not for use with older children who can sit unaided as the potty can tip over.   You can read more about EC in our EC advice section.

The recommended potty accessory cotton covers or "potty cozy" also fit this potty as shown in the photos (this is available to purchase separately and does not come with the potty. We also stock an anti slip rubber band which goes around the EasyPisi potty for slip prevention.


100% Polypropylene, recycled.

BPA Free Plastic

Made in Germany





Recycled Polypropylene
Made In
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1 Review:

Great potty especially for boys
21 December 2022  | 

We originally bought an ordinary top hat potty but were having quite a few wee spills with our new born baby boy. The extra lip at the front of the Easy Peasy catches wees every time with no need to hold in odd positions or try to direct the flow. Would strongly encourage anyone thinking of infant pottying. We started about two weeks in by simply holding him over the potty whenever we changed his nappy (having noticed he often weed and pooed on the changing mat). After a week or so we were getting well over half his poos in the potty rather than the nappy and sometimes whole days would go by without a dirty nappy, a big bonus as we're using re-usables (the nappies still get wet). Now at 9 weeks old we're pretty good at reading his signs, and I don't know if this is possible but I'm sure he strains when we hold him over the potty! We don't put any pressure on ourselves or him, and we don't get it right everyday, but it's been a really positive experience - give it a try and see how you get on!

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