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Top Hat Potty W-Free

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Top Hat Potty Overview

The Top Hat Potty by W Free is my number 1 recommended accessory for those doing elimination communication (EC) with their babies.  The Tophat Potty is the well known traditional potty used in Asia but now made available to the UK via The Nappy Lady.™

A Top Hat Potty is effectively a super small potty and is the best potty for EC for use from newborn. It is a great option and will give you the best experience as your elimination communication journey starts off.

The potty is ideal for EC baby potty training at home, out and about, travelling as well as just a handy small potty for smaller children. Even if elimination communication doesn't work out for you you can continue to use your top hat potty as an everyday potty.

Top Hat Potties have a wide edge so comfortable for baby to sit on and does not press into the skin.

It is not easy to put such a young baby onto a toilet seat and even with the use of a toilet seat reducer it is tricky. Top Hat Potties make diaper free baby training simple.


Measures approx. 16.5cm x 22 cm

The Top Hat W-Free potty is narrower and smaller than our Top Hat Easy Peasy Potty. This makes the W-Free better for younger or smaller children.

How do I use it?

The Top Hat Potty W-Free is held between the thighs of the parent, while you position baby and hold baby over the top.  You can also buy the recommended potty accessory the Top Hat Potty Covers aka potty cozy. These make the edge even softer and less of a shock from cold plastic. 

You can use your top hat potty right away with you newborn baby. Natural infant hygiene is a practise that starts as early as possible following birth.

You can read more about elimination communication in our EC advice section.


Polypropylene bpa free plastic.




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Customer Reviews
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9 Reviews:

Not great for boys
02 January 2023  | 

Bought this as an alternative to a standard potty with my 4mo boy. Its a solid potty but the design isn't great for lads. I find the potty slips out from between my legs easily due to the shape and I have to awkwardly hold his penis so he aims properly, otherwise we get pee everywhere. Kinda wish I hadn't bought it unfortunately as can't return it, so it feels like a waste. I personally wouldn't market it for boys.

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Great for EC with a bewborn
27 May 2022  | 

Really great potty for learning EC with a newborn.

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As expected
22 May 2022  | 

Bought this for elimination communication and does the job just fine. Easy to clean, sized appropriately for young babies. I knew what I was getting when buying this but my comment for improvement would be that it would be better with a non slip grip so it doesn't pop out from between your knees. We've ended up using it by sitting on the floor and because it's so lightweight and probably not designed for that it has tipped over on occasion.

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Perfect for early potty training
19 May 2022  | 

Perfect for early potty training, my baby has been using it since 10 weeks old and instantly relaxes when on it.

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Fab, helped us with EC from 6 days
14 September 2021  | 

Baby prefers going in this potty over nappy, makes things so much easier.

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Product as expected
03 September 2021  | 

Love the concept, EC is going very well for us and the potty comes everywhere, I just don’t understand why it’s made the way it is because it’s bigger on the top the bottom is so Unsturdy that you need to be super vigilant to make sure baby doesn’t knock it over, I sit with it in my lap and squeeze my legs around it but it does still require concentration haha. The order and communication was all seamless though, I just would love to be able to buy a potty that is just smaller than the average potty that I don’t worry is going to tip over haha

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Good potty
28 June 2021  | 

This makes life easier when trying to potty a baby. My baby didn't like me to hold her in position over other receptacles but sits comfy on the potty.
I bought some rubber bands to go around it so it doesn't slip when the baby wiggles out of the potty.
I just wish it had a wee guard!

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Great to have a go at EC!
16 February 2021  | 

I’m new to parenting (LO is 11 weeks) and totally new to EC but having read about it ,thought I would give it a bash. So far we are managing to “catch” a wee at 80% of nappy changes and happen to have caught 3 poos! It’s early days, but the design of this potty has given me the confidence to use the basic EC hold in the natural squat position. It’s small and unobtrusive and easily swilled out. Recommend to anyone who wants to give EC a go!

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Very useful top hat potty
30 December 2020  | 

Very happy with this item. Good size, easy and lightweight for transporting around. Easy to empty and clean. Very happy with this purchase and with the service from The Nappy Lady.

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