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Mother-ease Uno V Duo

The Uno and Duo are the best selling "all in" nappy systems from Mother-ease but what is the difference between them?


UNO - All In One Nappy


  • One layer to put on and off making the quickest nappy changes.
  • There isn't a separate insert as it's all attached. Preparing the nappy after washing is extremely quick (basically no prep time required)
  • Available in Staydry (polyester) or Natural Cotton
  • Available in Newborn size 6-12lbs and Onesize 10-35lbs


  • If the waterproof layer of PUL fails then the whole nappy can no longer be used and needs replacing. 
  • If you want to have different fabrics you have to buy individual nappies.
  • Expensive per nappy
  • No special night time option for heavy wetters.


DUO - All In Two Nappy

The DUO is an all in two nappy (not to be confused with a two part nappy).


  •  Fabric options are Staydry (polyester), or Natural Cotton. You can mix and match different inserts into the same Duo cover. 
  • Dedicated higher absorbency night time option
  • Wide range of sizes:

            Newborn upto 12lbs,
            Small 8-18lbs,
            Onesize 10-35lbs,
            XL 35lbs

  • You can replace the separate parts if a section wears out. eg If the waterproof PUL wrap wears out you can buy a new wrap and continue to use your original inserts - much cheaper than replacing the entire nappy
  • Cheaper than the UNO if you just buy the onesize as you don't need a wrap for every single nappy. Normally 1 wrap for 4 inserts is the ratio


  • Change time is a bit slower as you have to popper in a clean insert each time. 
- How i find it works best is to have 2 wraps on the go. So you take off the soiled nappy (wrap and soiled insert) and set aside. Put on a different clean wrap and clean insert.  Put baby down safely or older child off to play. Then i take out the soiled insert from the original wrap the baby was just wearing, replace soiled insert with a clean one in the wrap, your next nappy is now ready to go.
  • If you buy all the sizes as baby grows rather than the onesize the system can end up more expensive than the UNO.


Sizing and length

  • Both UNO and DUO onesize are generously average.
  • If baby is expected to be very tall then it's possible baby will out grow the nappy length before potty training. If this happens there is the option of the DUO XL but that's an additional expense.

Fabric Options

Both systems give you fabric options.

Staydry and Staydry Nights

  • Both inserts are made of polyester.  (Nights only available in DUO)
  • Staydry is a VERY quick drying fabric and stays soft even in hard water areas.  Mother-ease stayday fabric is made exclusively for Mother-ease. We find it keeps baby drier than any other nappy we've come across. 


  • Staydry is a manmade fabric and is the hardest wearing however it will not biodegrade over time.
  • At the end of it's lifecycle if it can no longer be used as a nappy the fabric can be recycled (via fabric recycling banks) so it doesn't have to go to landfill.  Unlikely other polyester/microfibre nappies we have not found that compression leaks happen with this fabric unless the nappy is left on far too long and goes beyond capacity.

Natural Cotton

  • Natural Ctton fabric but it does have a polyester weave to hold the fibres in place. The polyester weave makes the fabric longer lasting. 
  • Only the cotton component will biodegrade however the fabric can be recycled.
  • Cotton does go harder over time unless occassionally tumbledried.
  • Average drying speed.