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Nappy Changing Nightgowns By Popolini

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Popolini Nightgown Overview

A night gown is  a MUST HAVE for every family with a newborn!

A Popolini nightgown makes night time nappy changes quick, easy and simple.

How they work

The nightgowns are elasticated at the bottom and are simply pulled up and down over baby's legs and feet. No more annoying and fiddly poppers to battle with half asleep in the dark.

The nightgowns fit easily over boosted night time cloth nappies.

How many do I need?

I'd aim to have 2-3 of the nightgowns so you've got one in use, one in the wash and one spare/drying.

These also make a lovely gift and are something any parent using cloth nappies or disposables will really appreciate.

Our night time discovery

We were given nightgowns as a baby gift from my brother in Law in America when we had our second child.

Baby nightgowns or smocks are really common in the US but are virtually impossible to find on the High Street in the UK.

They were the best present we were ever given and made night time nappy changes so much quicker and simpler for our second and third child, I really wish we knew about them when we had our first! 



50-56cm baby length


Interlock: 100% organic cotton, GOTS*

*organic cotton = cotton from controlled biological cultivation


Washable at 40°C

Night Time Changing Mat

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How often do I change my baby at night?

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