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Little Lovebum Everyday Day Kit V2
Little Lovebum Everyday Day Kit V2
Little Lovebum Everyday Day Kit V2

Little Lovebum Everyday Day Kit V2

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Product Details

Kit Overview

The Nappy Lady Little Lovebum Everyday V2 Daytime All In One Kit is a fabulous kit for families wanting a natural fabric and and ultra easy to use nappy. We sell all the components separately but we've created this kit so it's an easy quick one click easy purchase for you at a discounted kit price.
*rrp price based on buying items individually at full price.


15 x Little Lovebum Everyday Version 2  Onesize Nappies Mixed Prints/Colours (random selection prepared by The Nappy Lady)
1x Roll of Paper Liners

You will also need:

Storage for soiled nappies this is usually a nappy bucket or wet bag.
Night time nappies. - We also sell ready made night time sets too!


Nappy Overview

This super absorbent All-in-One nappy is made with wonderfully thirsty hemp and quick-to-absorb bamboo which is topped with a stay-dry liner to keep your baby's bum dry. This is a great nappy for a heavier than average daytime wetter.  Made with natural materials however please note that the built in staydry liner is manmade but this is the layer that keeps baby feeling drier.


It sits securely with double popper closures, has crossover poppers for smaller babies and hip poppers which prevent wing-droop and leakage. The poppers are strong and secure and allow for staggered fitting settings so you can make the waist tighter and the legs a little looser.  The nappy is long so good for tall children however it's fairly slim so not as good for chunky monkeys!

It is an OSFM, (One Size Fits Most), so it is suitable from baby to toddler (approximately 10-35lbs/4-16kgs)

How do I use it?

The nappy is wonderfully absorbent for daytime and it can be easily boosted for extra absorbency for naps/night-time use for an average wetting child. Heavy wetters will always be better with a two part system as there is more room for boosting.

It is the perfect no-fuss option, as it needs no prepping, folding or stuffing. Ideal for grandparents or any form of childcare.

Nappy Fabric

The outermost part is made from TPU which is waterproof, so no cover is needed.

The inside is hemp and quick-to-absorb bamboo which is topped with a stay-dry liner.

The drying time is LONG and slow for airdrying and being an all in one it's best to only tumble dry on low occasionally as long term tumble drying will prematurely wear the waterproof layer.




Little Lovebum
Drying Speed
Change Speed
Extremely Quick
Ease of Use
Very Simple
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Day or Night
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Little Lovebum
Care & Warranty

Little Lamb Care Guide

Store dirty nappies in the nappy pail, separating any washable boosters, inserts or liners and closing the Velcro tabs over on themselves.  When you have a load ready, put them in the washer on a 30˚ wash with half the recommended dose of detergent, give them an extra rinse and air dry. That's all there is to it.

Here are a few tips:                         

- Dry pail the nappies.
- Soiled nappies should be washed regularly. Do not leave soiled nappies for longer than three days.
- Check the Velcro tabs are closed tightly on the nappies. Wash the wraps with the velcro closed but inside out. Boosters and inserts are best removed from pocket nappies prior to washing.
- We advise washing at 30˚.

The above is all most parents need to know but for the few parents who need it we've included the sum of our knowledge below:

Detergent: In our opinion powder detergents dissolve quicker and rinse better leading to cleaner laundry.

Dosage: We advise starting with half the recommended dose of detergent for the load size and water hardness and working up from there. The amount of detergent needed is dependent on load size, machine type and water hardness. Soft water needs less detergent to be effective and hard water needs more - possibly up to a full recommended dose.

Fabric softener: Do not use fabric softener in your nappy wash - it will coat the fibres and inhibit absorption.

Sanitisers: We do not recommend using sanitisers with your nappy wash. Sanitisers will affect the elastic and Velcro components and shorten the life of your nappies.

Drying: Drying nappies in direct sunshine is best. Placing them by, but not touching, a heat source is effective but do not place them directly on radiators as they may scorch. Avoid using a tumble drier where possible; if you do use a tumble dryer make sure it's on the low heat setting. Do not tumble dry wraps or pocket nappies.


Little Lamb Warranty

All Little Lamb products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for 6 months from purchase, as long as care guidelines have been followed.

Use of the following will void warranty:

  • Nappy sanitisers (Napisan etc.)
  • Bleach, bleaching products (Oxy 10, vanish etc.)
  • Vinegar.
  • Washing soda, borax or bicarbonate of Soda.
  • Fabric softener.
  • Limescale removing  products (Calgon etc)
  • Dishwasher tablets.
  • Ecover, feedback of poor results, difficult to rinse thoroughly leaving residue and causing issues.

Little Lamb's decision on any warranty claim is final.

Customer Reviews (2)
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2 Reviews:

Brilliant Nappy
25 May 2022  | 

I’ve been using other brand nappies for a while now but always have problems with fit and absorbency. After reading reviews I decided to try out little love bum and I’m soooo happy I did! My 18 month old is tall and a heavy wetter and I get about 3 hours out of this nappy. All other brands I’ve had to boost but not this one! Nursery loves this one because it’s quick and easy. Lovely patterns and no bulky bottoms!!
The downside is drying time but the benefits far outweigh this. 100% recommend - wish I’d bought these sooner!

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Number 1 nappy
25 May 2022  | 

By far the best nappy we have had. Tried many brands and were happy with totsbots easyfit until baby figured out how to take the nappy off!!
Love that this nappy has a stay dry layer and it feels super soft too. No faffing about with liners. Containment is excellent. I like that it is a longer nappy too, seems to fit much better than others. And the designs are super cute too!!

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