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Whizzer Bag
Whizzer Bag

Whizzer Bag

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Whizzer Bags Overview

Whizzer waterproof drawstring bags ensure your cup is easily carried when out and about.

The Whizzer bag fits one whizzer plus some tissues. The bag also allows you to keep your spout outside of your Whizzer when the Whizzer is full and you haven't been able to empty it.

Whizzer  Bag Sizes

Whizzer bags come in two sizes. The Kids Whizzer bag fits the Whizzer Kids and the Adult Whizzer bag is for the Adult Whizzer.

Adult Bag 21 x21cm

Kids Bag19.5 x 21.5cm

Whizzer Bag Materials

Waterproof fabric.

What is a Whizzer?

The Whizzer is a portable toilet, the eco friendly alternative to gel filled alternatives.

The innovative design allows a mess free experience for all, when ever you find yourself caught short and in need of a wee. Ideal for potty training, camping and festivals.

Made of high grade silicone, BPA free.

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