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Little Lovebum Bamboo Wipes
Little Lovebum Bamboo Wipes
Little Lovebum Bamboo Wipes

Little Lovebum Bamboo Wipes

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Wipes Overview

Little Lovebum reusable baby wipes are double-sided. One side is made of super-soft bamboo velour and the other loopy bamboo terry fabric. The combination of fabrics gives you a choice at each nappy change to choose which is suitable.

Reusable nappy wipes are kind to the skin and the environment. They provide an eco-friendly solution and effective alternative to disposable baby nappy wipes.

The reusable baby wipes are ultra-soft on delicate baby skin and generously sized to handle the messiest of nappy messes. Reusable wipes provide an easy clean-up when it comes to bottoms, they grip onto any poo rather than smearing it around as disposable wipes do.

You can use the reusable nappy wipes right from birth as they contain no nasty chemicals or synthetic fragrances, making them absolutely safe, right from day one.

As well as bottoms they work wonderfully on sticky hands and messy faces and being absorbent, they can be used as a booster for newborn nappies too.


20 x 20cm

Sold in packs of 10

How do I use it?

 You usually only need one wipe per nappy change and the reusable wipes get washed with your nappies. They are simple to use, wash and reuse without creating additional washing.

  • Store the washable wipes damp in a tupperware box so they are ready to go at change time.
  • As they are used put the soiled wipes in the nappy bucket and wash with the nappies (up to 60 degrees). 
  • Once washed put the wipes back in the tupperware box, add water or your wipes solution to make them damp and they are ready to go again.
  • Consider using the Poppets Cloth Wipes Solution. Poppets are an easy to use, quick to make, beautifully smelling, cleansing solution.

Do not worry they will not go stale or stagnant as you will use them too quickly.

Some people keep their wipes dry and wet as you go along, this is fine too. Find which method works best for you.

Visit our comprehensive beginners guide on using reusable wipes for more information.


Wipes Fabric

80% Bamboo Fibre 20% Polyester

Wipes Recipes

See our article on recipes for washable wipes or consider using a Poppet for an ultra simple wipes solution.





Little Lovebum
Little Lovebum
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