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Wuka Period Pants are a market leader and very well known. Wuka make exceptionally high quality period pants in a wide range of styles. Wuka also make period pants for swimming too.

Wuka Period Pants Review

Wuka period pants are not our cheapest but they offer exception quality, longevity and reliability. Wuka period pants work exactly as promised and exactly as you need. 

The idea is simple: period pants are designed to look like regular underwear but feature waterproof and absorbent layers in the gusset to soak up period blood and stop it from transferring through to your clothes. Period pants remove the need for disposable sanitary products.

Go ahead and live your day in confidence and comfort for up to eight hours. You'll never use sanitary towels again.

WUKU period pants hold up to four tampons worth of menstrual blood and are leak-proof - perfect for teens at school and for sporting activities.

What does WUKA mean?

Wake Up Kick Ass!


Wuka reusable period pants are very soft, super comfortable and beautifully designed. Wuka's period pants come in a range of materials including organic cotton, bamboo, recycled nylon and tencel. All with a hidden waterproof layer. They soak up period blood and the moisture wicking stay dry inner keeps you feeling fresh and dry.

Wide range of styles

There is a style to suit everyone. Seamless Midi Brief for those needing a tight fitting pant with no VPL, high waisted and ultra high absorbency for your heavier days or night times. Boxer short style, bikini style and the great value basics range.

Non Period Days

You can even wear Wuka pants on non period days when you're expecting to start, end of cycle or even for mild incontinence.

Wuka Pants and washing

Washing period pants is simple. Rinse in cold water, wash in the washing machine with your normal detergent but no fabric conditioner and then ideally air dry.