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Lily's Dream Wool Nappy Cover

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XS Blue with Elephant
XS Light blue with Rainbow
XS Patchwork with Constellation
Sml Grey/Red with Radish (angora blend wool)
Sml Grey with Panda
Med Argyle Print with Cow
Med Grey with Fire Engine (cashmere body)
Med Grey with Cow
Med Blue/Grey with Frog
Lge Brown with Highland Cow
Lge patchwork (yellow, lavender, grey)
Lge Beige Cableknit with Dragon
Lge Geometric Grey/Blue (angora blend wool)
Lge Black with Seahorse
Product Details

Lily's Dreams Wool Cover Overview

Every Lily's Dream wool nappy cover is individual and bespoke. The wool soakers are as individual as your own baby.

Lily's Dreams are handmade by Kayla a WAHM (work at home Mum). Kayla makes her "wool diaper cover" at home in Canada. They are of exceptional quality product with beautiful stitching. It is clear to see that Kayla has made each wool wrap with tremendous care and love. Kayla uses upcycled wool and most of the wool wraps also come with an attractive applique design on the bum as per each photo.

Lilys Dreams wool soakers are suitable for day time or nap time use. Wool is ideal for sensitive skin as it's the most breathable.

Due to the nature of the upcycled wool there is normally only one is available in each design so if you see one you love check out straight away!

Key Features of Lily's Dreams

  • Handmade
  • Designed using recycled, eco friendly materials
  • Made from: cashmere, merino wool, angora, wool, thread, and even an upcycled sweater
  • All seams surged for added durability
  • Extra layer sewn into the wetzone
  • Most designs are appliqued on the bum


How wool wraps work

The way it works is that the wool absorbs liquid from the nappy underneath which is then neutralised by the natural lanolin in the wool.  This is wools natural self cleaning function. Wool absorbs more than 30% of it's own weight in moisture

If the nappy wrap gets damp, just hang it out to dry. Thanks to the natural self-cleaning function of the organic merino wool fibres, the nappy pants are left hygienically clean.  If the wool nappy wrap gets soiled or starts leaking, then you will need to wash it and relanolise as below.

Lanolise before first use

All Lily's Dreams Wool Wraps have been washed and felted for added durability. Your cover will have been washed BUT NOT lanolised!

You MUST lanolise before first use to make the wrap waterproof or they will leak!

We know how exciting it is to receive your new items but it's incredibly important that you lanolise your Lily's Dreams wrap before first use. 

Turn your Lily's Dreams Wool Wrap inside out to prevent lanolin leaving a mark on the outside and this also helps make it more water resistant as the interior is where you want the lanoline to be the most concentrated.   We recommend doing this three times before use to create a great "barrier".  You will need to repeat about once a month. Full details below.


Lily's Dreams wool wraps simply pull up over the nappy. No Velcro, No Poppers just pull up and go!


Please measure your baby wearing their usual nappy before purchasing.

XS - Newborn Small Medium Large
Waist 11.5-13.5" 13-14" 15-17" 17-19"
Rise 13" 14" 17" 19"
Thigh 7-8" 8-9" 9-10" 10-11"
Approx Weight 6-12lbs 8-15lbs 15-23lbs 22-35lbs

To use with

You can use any fitted reusable nappies under a Lily's Dreams wool wrap.

Lily's Dreams Wool Nappy Cover Fabrics

No two Lily's Dreams Wool Covers are the same!

As each wool cover is made from upcycled wool, every single wrap will be made from different types of wool.

Your wool wrap will be made from a variety of materials such as: lambswool, merino wool, cashmere, angora, wool, thread and even upcycled wool sweaters.

We try to add if the wrap description if the wool wrap contains cashmere or angora.

The waist and leg bands are usually made from 100% merino wool

Washing & care of the Lily's Dreams wool covers

Wool is a soft, natural and delicate fabric so care must be taken when washing your wool garment.

Lily's Dreams recommends hand washing only. The water must not be hotter than 30deg C. If the water is hotter than 30deg C the natural wool fibres can be "shocked" and will irreversably shrink. In our experience we find it best to hand wash wool and it will maintain the shape and size of your product better.

Use Disana's wool shampoo  and Disana's Lanolin Conditioner which are gentle and designed to protect and replenish wool's natural oils. 

To hand-wash your organic Merino wool, dilute your wool detergent in cool water, max 30C (lukewarm only, should feel coolish), in a bowl.  Add your woollens to the bowl, gently stirring and squeezing the detergent through. Rinse using water at the same temperature, otherwise your wool will be subjected to "shock" and might felt up. So lukewarm/coolish at 30C again.

DO NOT: When you wash wool do not wring, soak, brush or rub vigorously as the wool fibres may be damaged and your garment may felt up and shrink. Just squeeze the water through.

To dry, gently squeeze water out and wrap your wool clothes in a towel to remove the excess water.

Air-dry naturally avoiding direct heat. So, hanging on a drying rack over the bath is good, or on a clothes horse, or lay flat on a dry towel. Mine often end up over the back of chairs or on the washing line (I haven't had a problem with the the heat of the English being too hot, yet!).

Re-shape while damp.

Visit our full care guide section on caring for wool nappy wraps.


Pull up
Variety of Wool
Made In
Handmade in Canada
Care & Warranty

Anavy Care Guide

We recommend starting with a separate rinse cycle with a spin to wash out the urine so that the main cycle will use clean water. Do not add any detergent to the rinse cycle.

When the rinse cycle is complete, run the main washing program at 60°C. We recommend only washing at 60°C, not at 40°C. You can add any light-coloured laundry to the washing machine.

You can use any commercially available washing powder or gel. However, we do not recommend using homemade soap and soda mixture because there is a risk of build-up in your laundry and washing machine.

When washing nappies, it is very important not to overfill the washing machine. Also, it is useful to choose the "More Water" option if your washing machine allows it. Do not use "ECO" washing programs when washing nappies. Spin at the highest speed your washing machine allows.

Do not use fabric softener or any bleach (oxygen or chlorine)! Do not remove stains manually by scrubbing.

Dry the nappies on a line or in a tumble dryer on a gentle program. To speed up the drying process, you can place the clothes dryer near a heater. Do not dry the nappies directly on a heater. Sun-drying is also convenient, as the sun bleaches the stains very well. But make sure the print side of the nappy does not face the sun because the colours may fade.


Anavy Warranty

Anavy offer a 24 month warranty from date of purchase for products that are used for normal, non-commercial use. The warranty covers manufacturing defects.

Their warranty does not cover:

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Improper use of the product
  • Damage due to improper maintenance

Anavy's decision on any warranty  claim is final.

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