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Elimination Communication (EC) Nappy Lady Demo

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Beginners Group Demo  Overview

A beginners group EC demo will be perfect if you're new to EC and wanting to understand how it works, how to get started and what to expect. At a beginners group demo your Nappy Lady advisor will explain and demonstrate the key things you need to understand. They will also have samples of nappies, products and clothing that you may find helpful on your EC journey. This demo is suitable from before your baby is born, up until your baby is around 1 year old.

What does a Beginners Demo Cover?

Beginners' Group Demo covers the following topics

  • Theory behind EC, how it works, and its relationship to potty training
  • Key benefits and mythbusting
  • Demonstration of top hat potty and how to hold baby
  • What kind of nappies and clothing work well with EC, including nappies and clothing designed for EC
  • How to start at some key ages (1st few weeks, 3-6 months, 6+ months)
  • Introduction to cues, strategic timing of potty offers, and easy catches
  • What to expect along the potty learning journey

How much does a Beginners Group Demo Cost?

Group demos are effectively free however we have to give the demo a price so you can check it out on the website!  Booking a demo on the website will charge you £1 but you will be given a £1 voucher code at your demo to reimburse the cost.

How many families are in a group demo?

Group demos are for up to 3 families.

How long is a group demo?

1 hour

How To Book

1) Choose the relevant session you'd like to attend and add it to your basket. 
2) Check out using the "Click and Collect" shipping option so that you don't pay shipping on your order.
3) You'll receive an email from your demo advisor prior to your session, confirming all the zoom log in details you need.
4) Attend your demo!


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